Hidden Ancient Skill( The Ability To Make Your Body Tingle)


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Jun 25, 2011

The Skill was learned(created from by the Egyptian's and is acctually a lost skill
or technique used for numerous of things) This skill was never taught by anyone that was not a servant to the pharaohs.
The skill is used for killing, healing, and also used for storing energy or even pumping enough ADRENALINE
(Adrenaline is naturally produced in high-stress or physically exhilarating situations.

The term "fight or flight" is often used to characterize the circumstances under which adrenaline is released into the body. It is an early evolutionary adaptation to allow better coping with dangerous and unexpected situations. With dilated air passages, for example, the body is able to get more oxygen into the lungs in a timely manner, increasing physical performance for short
bursts of time.

Adrenaline is the favored treatment for anaphylactic shock, and should be administered immediately if a person begins exhibiting severe allergic reactions. Dosage should be assigned by a licensed medical professional in advance, and instructions should be given on how and where to administer the shot. Injection in the wrong place can have serious consequences, including gangrene.

Our ancestors handled this naturally through fighting or other physical exertion, but in the modern world, high-stress situations often arise that that involve little physical activity. This can leave high amounts of adrenaline in the body, resulting in insomnia and jittery nerves.

If the ability is mastered Though by anyone In the United States and is discovered you will be used by the government and is a chance you will have a whole new life and use for experiments or even as a weapon.

I seen a lot of post or threads on a lot of websites about this and the reason why you have no 100% response is because the danger of this skill And the Problem that the government Hidden Numerous of things in the world.

A lot of threads I read also said that while trying this technique they tried to Last for a long time holding the tingle sensation around there body or only ONE section of there body.

The reason why your only capable of holding it in one section of the body is because it takes extreme focus and meditation.

Do Not try holding it in for longs periods of time you can actually shut your nerves down, and knock your self out putting you in a deep relaxation, and sleeping for hours. Or even if done completely wrong you can end up slowing your heart down and cause severe Pain.

This is Only a Hidden technique and is not made for being teached by anyone
Even if your Master tells you or explains to you that its just chi and your begining to understand it dont listen to that crap they dont know what there talking about. This is Nothing Like Chi its beyond the power of Chi and most of you already know that
And there's actually study's about this and is A Life Energy skill and also
a skill to take away Life or even storing Max Energy(Ile explain in a bit)

There is actually 1 Man known in the world who can used this skill.
But there's not info about this guy he was shown Only on a tv show once in the 1990's-1999 But its been a while. I only know about this skill from hidden documents and could actually be arrested but enough with that.
and actually there's a video on youtube about him with a interview but he was never shown again due to the fact the he told the people that interview
him not to show this to the world and he actually died Like 5 years ago
If im correct.

The technique or skill which ever you call this
is used for healing, Meditation, Relaxation, Physical Harm(burst of energy)
Max Adrenaline for storing energy, Or Max Adrenaline for releasing energy.

The post that I been reading I notice that everyone that's capable of doing this knows how to store energy but cant balance the technique out.
Everything else is Nearly Impossible to learn unless you can control this ability perfectly and able to use this while walking or running if not then you will never Truly learn this skill and is why its also a Hidden Skill That was never taught to anyone to prevent Harm to humanity.

But I am now 63 years old and I Only can store, release, and heal with this ability. But im getting much weaker sense my age and my vision is getting much strange as if Im going blind.

But this is the answer to all your questions I made hopefully somone that mastered this that is better than me can explain more to you about the ability.
I am dying from cancer I just decided to make this before I die at least


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Feb 23, 2021
This is a very sad post. I hope H.S.T. is still alive. I read the post carefully and I doubt whatever the adrenaline-based ability that's being referred to is different than chi. According to TCM, everything is chi- even orgone energy.

As a layman I've studied: TCM, Hatha yoga, Thai Yoga & sen lines, audiology, mid to late 1800s electrical theory, Hanna somatic neuroeducational pandiculation (stretching), plyometrics, reiki etc. for many years. I'm currently pursuing a formal bachelor of science degree majoring in exercise physiology. According to my research the work needed to attain a powerful body is over 98% nourishment related. By nourishment I mean proper dietetics combined with proper detoxification. I think most people underestimate what happens to our body when we eat and eliminate toxins properly. Consider the fact virtually everyone currently lives in a society where water is typically consumed by drinking it yet drinking water is actually strenuous on the kidneys. The body craves solid water found in fruits and vegetables, not free-flowing liquid-crystal water and certainly not irregularly shaped liquid water typically found in bottles or from the tap. All (advanced) exercises & activities eg. stretching, cardiovascular exercise, sex or martial arts amount to only about 2% of the work one needs to put into attaining a powerful body, the rest is nourishment related.