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May 15, 2008
My name is Eli Gal,

I'm a natural vision improvement instructor. I am building a site about natural vision improvement that include other alternative and natural medicine forums.

I need specialists to moderate the forums.

Hope someone will help me here.

Best regards,


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Jan 28, 2007
Boss, I've seen software to improve farsightedness (where you need glasses to read).. like this one:


but I haven't seen programs for myopia.

do you know of any?

I can read fine, (probably because my myopia corrects my maturity onset farsightedness).. but I like the idea of being able to follow exercises demoed on a pc.


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Apr 13, 2008
The End of A Wire (Sometimes)
Not specifically, although you could look for things relating to Visual Acuity, (can't recall exactly what is done with that), one of the things I know Nintendo DS Lite advocate.

Their software has about 5 differing programmes I believe for 5 Eye control type exercises.

You could then google those types of eye training, and perhaps include the word freeware, outside of the quote marks, and see if any sites offer Free software you can download. There are many free sites, with heaps of freeware for all sorts of things, and you can download off those.

The only other things I can suggest, is usual eyesight related stuff. Not sitting too close to screens, perhaps taking short breaks from the computer to rest eyes, wearing sunglasses if needs be, or if you need glasses, get ones with sunlight reacting lenses, using lower wattage llghtbulbs may help, (unless you use dimmer switches), monitoring intake of things like Lutein and Beta-carotene etc etc, incase they help in any way :).