Have you ever survived a Health crisis?


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Mar 4, 2019
Hey everyone, new here and really like the chill forum on Natural Health.

Recently went through somewhat of a small-scale Health crisis after a bad reaction to a medication I received at the hospital. I'm writing up my thoughts on the whole experience on my blog, and it got me thinking to compare stories with others.

I'd be interested to hear you ever been a Health crisis.

Namely what exactly caused it? How bad was the experience? And most importantly in hindsight how could you have prevented it if you can do it over again? Or perhaps it was inevitable?

I would Define a Health crisis as a quick on set of debilitating decline in health, attributed with a specific cause, and induces great emotional stress and uncertainty and returning to normal health.

Curious to hear your stories!


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Apr 18, 2018
Santa Monica
I would call it a health crisis, I was getting PRP injections in my knee and the 5th injection from the D.O. "hurt"... not at all like the previous ones. Then at home a little while later, I started to just fall, out of the blue backwards --- not tripping but standing still and end up falling.

The 3rd time a neighbor called the 911 and I was taken to UCLA hospital and admitted and for 4.5 months was in hospital/rehabs (3)... and the doctors did not find the knee infection. I thought I was going to die and even wished for that, then finally after 2.5 months of not walking I was wisked off for an MRI and there it was a staph infection. They were doing tons of bloodwork but the test that NEEDED to be done was an MRI as that's where the infection was, in the bones.

I was put on almost 3 months of abx IV's and transferred from rehab to rehab as medicare ran out...it was a nightmare. Doctors were negligent as far as I'm concerned.
Lost more miles of faith in docs and pharma in general.
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