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Apr 9, 2006
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Got an email this morning from one of the older members of this forum... She is asking for help with her 25 yr old daughter who has HPV.. From what the email says, she was diagnosed with it a few months back, and they have been watching it very closely... Well appaently markers have gone up, and they have decided to do a biopsy.... While waiting for the results, momma wants to get as much info as possible for alternative treatments.... I am wondering how the mms would work with this, and plan on sending her the books... Arrow, I know you and I had discussed another friend of mine that had cancer all over her body, and you had given me a "this is what I would do" talk... and for some reason, that message has disappeared out of my life.... I cant find it anywhere... I know ozone would be a good start... point me to the sites so that I can pass on to mother, and mother can pass on to daughter please!!!

If I am understanding what I read from most folks in these forums, one of the biggest issues is changing the ph balance of the body....This would mean... in my opinion, going to a raw veggie juicing regime, not nec. fruits, because if I remember my reading an excess of sugars also feeds the cancers right????.... Would iodine be helpful in this situation????

Tell me tell me, folks, am I on the right track.... I know she needs to make sure her diet is squeeky clean, and since Im one of the crazies who believe the daily chemicals you run across also feed the problems, I personally would steer clear of chemical soaps, cleaners and go for more natural made products.... What else would you do if you were diagnosed with HPV????


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Jun 21, 2006
If it were my daughter I would be attempting the MMS, but also giving 5,000 IU of vitamin D a day plus CAA capsules.

The vitamin D will frequently reverse pre-cancerous changes and I know many people getting good results with cancer with the CAA. The CAA contains various vitamins and minerals, including selenium, which is very important for preventing cancer.

With these she should be able to eliminate the HPV infection and normalise tissue.

What about cervical cancer? Dr. Friedrich and colleagues at the University of Saarland in Germany reported that "normal cervical and cervical cancer cells seem to be able to synthesize 1alpha, 25(OH)D that may be of significant importance for the growth control in normal and malignant cervical tissue. Normal cervical tissue and cervical cancer cells may be new targets for cancer prevention or cancer treatment with precursors of biologically active vitamin D analogues." That's right, plain old cheap vitamin D may help cervical cancer.


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Jun 21, 2006
Xania - here's the info on CAA

They are an improved version of Percy Weston's "Percy's Powder" which was developed in the 1930's to cure cancer in livestock, then people. They also have many other health benefits.

I have put quite a few people onto this product and all have noted an improvement in their health. My 75 yo father now has a normal PSA count for the first time in 10 years, after only 6 weeks on it. (His girlfriend calls it his 'herbal viagra') She herself started taking it when she started having a lot of trouble walking up 5 flights of stairs to her Parisian apartment. Her breathlessness was gone in 2 weeks and her speed on her pushbike has increased 50%.


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Apr 4, 2006
Thanks morgan - looks like a good formula. I have heard about the restrictions impoised on Australia's population. Can you get these easily enough now?


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Apr 8, 2006
Being a viral infection, I wouldn't be surprised if MMS use will result in a dramatic cure for HPV. We may have to play it by ear, though, on how often and how long to give it.


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Apr 9, 2006
Coconut oil and raw garlic might help. Also consider Lauricidin.
Prof. Dr. Jon J.Kabara - Introducing the Doctor of Fats
Dr. Kabara was a Professor at the University of Detroit and later Michigan State University for over 30 years. His PhD from the University of Chicago involved the areas of Pharmacology and Biochemistry.

Dr. Kabara's field of expertise is the drug-like effects of fatty acids especially the 12-carbon chain fatty acid, lauric acid. Dr. Kabara was the first to discover (circa 1966s) that when lauric acid is attached to glycerin it is formed into a monoglyceride, known as monolaurin. The germ-fighting properties of monolaurin is more powerful than Lauric acid. Monolaurin was found to be effective against many viruses, bacteria, years/fungi and protozoa.

Realizing the potential health benefits for monolaurin, Dr. Kabara coined the name for a monolaurin supplement called, Lauricidin®. It's a very potent form of monolaurin. Lauricidin® is formed into small pellets that are easily ingested. It's also the purest and most concentrated form of monolaurin available. After his discovery, Lauricidin® has been tested in universities, government and medical laboratories.
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Shortly after arriving (1957) at University of Detroit (Dept. of Chemistry) I began placing undergraduate students into undergraduate research projects. In the summer of 1960 a young student working for Sister Mary Stanislause (Mercy College, Detroit) was studying the nutritional needs of a protozoa, single-celled organisms, called Tetrahymena Pyriformis. Because of my interest in the structure-function of lipids, Sister and I decided to examine the nutritional effects of fatty acids, which were readily available in pure form. Over the years my students, colleagues and I examined a wide variety of other lipids hoping to improve on nature. Our studies eventually indicated that certain fatty acids and especially their monoglycerides (a fatty acid attached to glycerol) found in mother's milk had extraordinary antimicrobial properties. Commercially Lauricidin® is manufactured by joining one part lauric acid to one part glycerol and the resulting new product Lauricidin®) is purified to high and exacting standards.

St. Marys University, Winona, Minnesota (1945-1948)
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University of Miami, Miami, Florida (1948-1950)
Degree: M.S. (Major-Organic Chemistry)

University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (1953-1959)
Degree: Ph.D (Major-Pharmacology, Minor-Biochemistry)

Professional Experience
His professional career began in 1948 as a research assistant at the University of Illinois-Department of Biochemistry. Eight years after graduation from the University of Chicago, he received his full professorship at the University of Detroit (1965). In 1969, as Professor and Associate Dean, he helped establish a new private College of Osteopathic Medicine which became the first affiliated school of Osteopathic Medicine at a major University (Michigan State University).
Microorganisms Inactivated Under Laboratory Conditions

HIV or HIV-1, -6

Visna virus
Herpes simplex virus-i (HSV-1 &2)

Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)
Measles virus

Rubella virus
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)

Respiratory syncytial virus
Influenza virus

Dengue virus (Type 1-4)
Leukemia virus

Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Semliki forest virus

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
Human papilloma virus (HPV)

Dr Kabara said:

When babies get mother's milk, the milk contains an enzyme that breaks down the fat into free fatty acids and monoglycerides prior to infant digestion. Coconut oil does not contain this enzyme and therefore little if any monoglycerides are absorbed as such into the body.

Current data shows that if your body does convert virgin coconut oil (VCNO) into monolaurin, you might get less than 1% monolaurin.

Dr Weil said:
Monolaurin, sold under the brand name Lauricidin®, comes in the form of mini pellets. Dosage must be individualized. Jon J. Kabara, MD, the physician/researcher who developed monolaurin, says that the usual recommended initial dose is 1.5 grams once or twice a day for one or two weeks. The dose can be increased to 3.0 grams once or twice daily thereafter. A maintenance dose can be 3.0 grams two or three times a day. The idea is to start with a low dose and then increase it gradually until you notice a positive response.

I feel strongly that you take monolaurin only under the supervision of your physician who can order monolaurin for you, determine your best dosage and monitor your progress. However, Dr. Kabara has generously offered to respond to individual questions about dosage submitted with orders via his Web site,
Dr Kabara authored or co-authored 12 books.


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Oct 16, 2007
For HPV I would recommend vaginal ozone insuflation. It will get rid of HPV in short order.
Go to and visit the oxidative therapies thread. She needs to get right on this because it can cause cancer. But the ozone will take care of that too in this case.