Final Verdict on Sugar from Fruit?


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So some say too much sugar is too much, even if it's from fruit.
Yet others say, balderdash, sugar or fructose from fruit is okay, no matter
how much you get.

There are Frutarians that eat tons of fruit with seemingly no ill effects. It's natural. Look at Freelee Banana Girl and John Rose, just to mention two.

What's the final verdict on sugar from fruit? ? :confused:

Ron Brown

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It would seem to me that our evolution from being tree dwellers and eating fruit from trees we need that sugar and we thrive on fruit. It is my assumption we can eat all the fruit we want with no bad results however if we eat to much meat, dairy,wheat,and processed sugar, we become diseased. There are those that say sugar is sugar no matter where it comes from, I say your body processes natural fruit sugars different than processed cane sugar. Fruit alkalizes the body while cane sugar becomes toxic making the body fat and acidic and that artificial sweeteners makes processed cane sugar look like health food.


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That seems like my gut feeling too. Eat as many fresh fruits as you want, not worrying about the fructose. ;)


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  • A 2009 study from the University of California, Davis shows how a high-fructose diet can cause you to build new fat cells around your heart, liver, and digestive organs in just 10 weeks, plunging you into the early stages of diabetes and heart disease (whereas a high glucose diet did not have the same effects)
  • Excess fructose consumption is a major contributor to insulin resistance and obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer, arthritis, and other diseases
  • Fructose is metabolized very differently in your body from glucose; all of the metabolic burden falls on your liver, in much the same way as for alcohol, and your body becomes a sea of toxic byproducts
  • Glucose, on the other hand, is your body’s nearly ideal source of fuel, meaning it has none of the damaging metabolic effects of fructose; glucose also suppresses your appetite, unlike fructose, which stimulates your appetite and encourages overeating and the accumulation of excess body fat
Fructose goes directly to belly fat. If you are going to eat fruit, eat the whole fruit, not the juice. The fiber will help the fructose to get through the body.

At any rate, it is important to do things in moderation.

Each sugar is digested differently. Glucose is different from fructose, for example. Also Xylitol has a larger molecule, so it can be used by diabetics in moderation of course.


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Believe in God. Eat His Goodies.

Stop believing in what people say and start believing in what God made and what animals eat. Humming birds and bees get all their energy from high fructose flower nectar. I get almost all my carbs from raw organic fruit and raw wildflower honey. I get 80% of my calories from carbs so that would be approximately 1 lb. of sugar/day. Plants trade carbon sugars for organic minerals with microbes. Carbon sugars and organic minerals are the fundamental basis of all life on earth. Study the Andrew Kim blogs like me and Janet did. He has a masters degree in cellular biology. He gives a technical explanation as to how sugar, not starch, protein, or fat causes a cascade of beneficial substances to flow forth energizing and healing all the bodies systems. For all you wonderful aboriginals here at this wonderful place called NatMedTalk this one is for you baby. 50ml organic raw whole cane sugar. 50 ml organic coconut flour. 10 grams Arriba raw cacao. 1 tsp. Yucca. 1 pint water. Stir and drink like me and Janet do. You'll be glad you did.


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fructose is fructose and should be limited...If your goal is to lose body fat and avoid insulin resistance and its associated diseases.
We live in a world of endless supplies of late summer fruit as well as tropical fruit. So we can "fatten up for the winter" year round. Not to mention all the new ways fructose is being marketed- Palm sugar, coconut palm sugar etc
Listen if you want to eat sugar- by all means, have at it