Exercise is the most effective medicine


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Exercise is very good for health. It not only control and maintain the weight, but it also helps us to be physically fit and fine.


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I've been trying to lose weight and stick to an exercise routine for years now, but whenever I try to religiously do something, I often fail, get lazy, and stop ultimately. Lately, I've been considering making yoga a regular thing, because one, it's peaceful, and two, the nearest yoga place where I live isn't drowning in testosterone. I understand yoga isn't in the article and may not be deemed by many as an "exercise", but it's ideal for my situation right now.

Can I, someone who is seeing an auto accident injury chiropractor for some injuries I sustained in an accident a few months ago, use yoga to lose weight? Or is yoga something different altogether?


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Anyone can die of a heart attack at any time regardless of health. You just read about when it happens to athletes because they are famous.


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Deficiency of selenium can cause a heart attack this is what happens to most athletes. This condition is called Keshan disease.


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What a cool study, I definitely believe it! Sweating out all of the toxins in your body while you exercise and staying hydrated while doing so is great for your body. Plus, the endorphins released during any kind of exercise are great mood-boosting tools. While exercise is great for your body though, it does need to be coupled with a healthy diet rich in nutrients that your body needs.
lt is very hard to spend a couple of hours to get up, drive and get to a gym or even do an hour of hard exercise. Even top athletes need a boost. So, most people need something effective without negative side effects to help them 1) get up on their feet, 2) feel motivated, 3) shed weight and build real muscle 4) reduce illness and detoxify body 5) improve performance 6) stay fit, 7) while not spending their entire income and time on it. A few minutes of deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator equals hours of exercise and if combined with exercise, the results are even more profound.


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I was a bit of a late bloomer(very late, am 65) when it came to regular daily workouts,
but I believe that I'm in better overall health now, than when I was in my 40s.


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Its my opinion physical exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like diabetes, cancer and more disease. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life.



Exercise make fit..

Yes ....Exercise is Important part of human's life...Daily exercise make you fit and healthy..


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There is no powerful medicine like exercise. Because exercise is only one by which you can always stay healthy and strong. I daily take exercise. Exercise is beneficial for you. These words have been a restorative mantra throughout the previous 40 years, yet the saying is still as new as ever. As future trips, numerous individuals make due into their 80s, 90s, and past. Better medications and more secure systems can to a great extent be said thanks to for the additional years. Yet, practice perhaps the way to why a few people make due as well as flourish in later life.