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Eat Apples for a Healthy Heart


...elusive dreamer
Apr 5, 2009
In addition to the delicious and fresh fruit, apples turned out to have many
benefits for our bodies, especially for our heart health by increasing heart
function, reduce oxidative stress in the body, and lowers blood pressure and
cholesterol levels, research by the University of Michigan Health System have

Research was test a compound contained in apple called pectin, a fiber-rich
compound that has shown its benefits to heart health even just from lowering
cholesterol alone. Even the powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals in apples
are also very helpful to reduce free radical damage by reducing the core
symptoms of heart disease.

The research results presented at the American Dietetic Association (ADA) Annual
Food and Nutrition Conference and Exposition is the complete results of previous
studies also have revealed the benefits of apples for the digestive system with
a supply of healthy bacteria in the gut and skin of apple can prevent cancer
cells from forming .

Prior studies that have been done, actually there are many benefits of fruits
for our health though not yet revealed. What is clear let us accustom to a
healthy lifestyle with healthy natural foods and also away from chemical




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Aug 8, 2009
K2C You kick ass!

There is a product out there called Profibe which is pectin powder. It lowers cholesterol levels much better and quicker than statins and it also cleans out arteries (slowly).