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Diagnosis of pre-diabetes


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Apr 1, 2018
Hi I am unsure about some aspects regarding a recent diagnosis of pre diabetes and wondered whether any medical people use this forum.

I am female - 62 - have always been slim with a healthy diet and there is no history of diabetes in my family. However, for many years i took a combination of three prescription drugs which, in combination, is diabetes on a plate. I took a statin, a beta blocker - atenalol and a duiretic. I think this, along with stress and i do suffer from inflammation (sjogrens etc) has caused the insulin reistence.

The duiretic and statin were dropped about 4 months ago (having dropped the statin all the pain in my legs and thighs that i sffered for years has disappeared...i will never take another statin no matter what my cholesterol level)....and the beta blocker was halved so i still take a beta blocker (i have a history of angioedeama so two bp meds are contraindicated and i have had adverse reactions to other bp meds tired on so the beta blocker has had to remain)...

I did everything in my power to try to turn this pre diabetes around...doing 20 grams of carbs a day...intermittent fasting...exercising more and adding some different supplements to my existing supplement routine....As a result of going very low carb i dropped a stone......the problem now is that i am underweight as i was only ever between 8 and 8.5 stones......i am now 7 stones and do eat a lot...healthy fats walnuts, avacados and plenty of olive oil etc but dropping carbs seems to make weight miraculously drop off and i am stuck at that 7 stones.

I was shocked to find that my latest recent HbA1c had actually increased!!! and it is now 6.2% (i was diagnosed in october of last year with a result of 6.1%)...although the recent test showed a lower fasting of 4.9.

I do take a lot of supplements and always ahve done (rightly or wrongly) but i added to my regime.....turmeric (with d3 ginger and pepper), biotin, alpha lipoic acid and chromium picolate. I take half a teaspoon of cinammon each day and if i am worried at my BG i will take apple cyder vinegar diluted...but very acidic stomach and suffer badly from gerd and gastritis so cannot always tolerate vinegar)..I also increased my magnesium intake....i used to only use transdermal mag but have also added 300 mgs a day in tablet form.
(i have always taken vitamin D3, krill oil, pro biotic, vitamin C with zinc and a multi vitamin...also co enzyme Q10...i also eat high fibre and throw chia seeds over things etc....i drink loads of green tea......basically i cannot see what more i can do trying to reverse this pre diabets and am still shocked that my recent HbA1c was higher despite all my efforts.

I am concerned about chromium......I took just 200 mcgs a day before the test but when i learned the results were worse i increased it to twice a day.
However I am worried and very unclear as to whether i should take the chromium or not as i have read that research shows that in some cases chromium supplementation can worsen insulin resistence....but read mostly that it is crucial to help reverse pre diabetes.

Also...importantly and this is where i am confused. I take two drugs....omeprazol (proton pump inhibitor) and also atenalol (beta blocker).

I have read continually that beta blockers can make your chromoium level high - and that chromium can increase the effects of beta blockers (i have felt no ill effects if this is fact).....also that omeprazole reduces the absorption of chromium.....(you would therefore think that if thats the case you would need to take chromium supplementation as they state that many insulin resistent people are deficient in chromium)....but am concerned by the beta blocker - if people taking beta blockers ahve higher levels of chromium (apparently and i may have read something disreputable and not right regarding this).....and omeprazole blocks the absorption of chromium.....what should i do?? i am very confused.

I would not want to stop taking it if it could ultimately help the situation but also i do not want to continue taking it if it could be making the insulin resistence worse.

Also if i took three drugs in combination that are a time bomb for diabetes...could they have caused some irreparable damge to my body rearding this pre diabetes....i read that you have to regenerate locked, unworking beta cells.......confused.....i have lost weight..any visceral fat will have gone....i cannot drop any more weight....i have gone very low carb and done everything in my power...dropped two of the existing drugs (GP knows about this and endorsed it)...and i feel that in anybody this would certainly improve HbA1c.

Can i also add this has been festering for very many years....my surgery didnt alert me to higher fasting glucose tests etc....and they say there is only a window of so many years before things progress to full blown diabetes....

i am worried and confused and also would not want to be taking/doing anything inadvertently - thinkig it will help...that will make the situation worse. My triglycerides are 0.6 by the way which would indicate that my diet isnt to blame for the insulin resistence.......my HDL is high as well......fastin of 4.9 so why oh why and after all that i ahve done is the HbA1c higher.......i wish that i could do a one to one with a naturopath and i would really like some medical/expert advice or reassurance aboutt eh drugs i took for very many years that cause diabetes..that now stopping them - al bar one i can heal my body etc...and the chromium with regards to the drugs that i still take...

No point asking my GP as mainstream doctors dont appear to endorse supplements...know nothing about nutrition anyway....only push their poisinous drugs and they will not fully admit the drug regime they prescribed and even increased whilst my fasting was in the danger zone have contributed to the insulin resistence (they told em that i have impaired glucose tolerance)....however, they were quick to drop the drugs and wanted to send me on a session about healthy eating which infuriated me.....

My main concern is that if beta blockers can cause diabetes....and chromium is touted as increasing the effects of beta blockers.....maybe i should drop it?? but also omeprazole prevents your body from absorbing chromium...probably dietry chromium...very confused (at the moment i cannot drop the beta blocker as tried many different bp meds and ahve adverse reactions to them....since going low carb however my bp has lowered a bit..i have isolated systolic hypertension)........i dont wnat to drop the chromium if it could possibly help but i dont want to take it if its making the situation worse......i read medical research paper that showed taking high dose chormium supplements can increase the risk of diabetes in healthy subjects......chromium is included in my multi vitamin at a level of 20 mcgs so not worried by this.....i am taking 400 mcgs of picolate a day...confused!!! so sorry for very very long ramble i dont think anybody will make it to the end without nodding off.....apologies.

many thanks to any advice or opions on this please.