cysto,cmg test


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Apr 14, 2007
I was recently schduled for a cysto,cmg. can anyone tell me if it is 1 test or 2 different ones.Is it an uncomfortable test.thank you.janprop3


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Apr 4, 2006
janprop3, I found this on another forum

It is a little uncomfortable but not really anything that big. I have had several done. Ask for them to put a little lidocaine gel into your urethra (they use a syringe without a needle and push it up from the opening of your penis. After a few minutes, you are numb.) for comfort. I just had a urodynamic study done and that involved a great deal more. Still, it was not that bad at all.

They don't actually use a catheter to say. It is a flexible scope which is like a small catheter that it attached to a monitor so that they can see your urethra, prostate and bladder.