Coffee enemas


Cancer Survivor
Oct 14, 2020
I have been doing coffee retention enemas daily for over 6 years. I was a big skeptic at the time but not enough to not give it a try. After just about a week of doing one in the evening before bed I noticed a dramatic reduction in my anxiety and overactive mind. Since then there have been numerous shifts. They are not the only thing I do, far from it, however they play a big part in my daily health protocol.

If you are curious I describe how to do them on my site here:

Does anyone else have experience doing coffee retention enemas?


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Apr 18, 2018
Santa Monica
A friend has done them for many years but is not now...she learned about this therapy at Gerson when she attended their clinic yrs back. She was doing so good on them but now can't maniuver her body on the floor etc to do them. I considered them but never did.

Oh she's had a history of depression and these C.E.'s kept her out of depression.

My anti cancer HOPE is grape seed extract which I've been taking for 25 yrs....