Cholinergic Urticaria Treatment? Help (itching)


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Mar 13, 2012
Hello, I'm 18 years old and have suffered a very bad itching on the upper body, chest, upper arms, back, neck, and mainly my scalp, my scalp is the worst of all.
I have had this problem for 6-7 years and I always thought I had it because I had dry skin, but that was not the case. It happens mainly during winter cold months. It's the worst feeling I have and I hate it so much I had to quit High School because it was so embarrassing to sit in class and when it gets hot I just get the urge to start itching so I leave class and go to the bathroom and itch like crazy.
The itching happens when I get hot or at the point when I'm about to sweat and my chest gets really red then when I cool down all the redness goes away like it was never there but when the itching starts its the worst on my scalp and goes down to my chest area. When I thought I had just dry skin itching I've tried many dry skin lotions and shampoo none of them worked, now sense I know it's not dry skin I might have to start taking medication or some pills.
I just really want to figure out what's wrong with me and I want this problem to go away for ever! I believe I might have Cholinergic Urticaria or whatever.
Can someone help me tell me what I need to get so I don't have a itchy feeling anymore. Anti-itch shampoo and lotions don't work for me so can someone tell me some pills I can get that I don't need a prescription for? Because I probably won't have the funds for expensive stuff. Or will I need to actually go to a Doctor? Or will Acupuncture work?..
I just really need help the itching sucks so bad! I can never go out and do anything and when I do start to itch, it just makes me want to break down on my knees and itch. I need this to go away really bad! Any help would be appreciated.


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Apr 5, 2009
If it's worse in winter, then it may be due to dry skin, I wouldn't eliminate that source of the problem. Itching can be cause by many things, allergies to foods (gluten), chemicals (dyes), stress, etc.

Topically applied vitamin B-12 or vitamin D cream is known to relieve itching. Some people have good results with an Aloe Vera gel application.

Internal and external use of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (unrefined), will help to hydrate the skin. Other supplements that may help are Omega 3s, Natural Vitamin E and Vitamin D3. Good luck, I hope you get some relief soon.


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Oct 16, 2007
If it were me I would go to a classical homeopath. They are really good a treating chronic itch. I sent my son for such an issue and he was cured in one week. The remedy was selected personally for him so it will not work for you. Selection of remedy is highly individual in homeopathy.

I also had a terribly itchy eczema after the birth of my second son. The homeopath cured it in less than one day. I had had rash all over my arms and feet for 2 months before I went to him