Cholesterol Myths


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Apr 5, 2009
Some of the myths regarding cholesterol that are widely circulated. Read more here.

In a survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vast majority of Americans (76 percent) said they had had their cholesterol level checked at least once in the previous five years.1

Despite the commonality of the cholesterol test, many are seriously misled about what the results of the test mean. Many people aren't even receiving a useful cholesterol test at all.

A total cholesterol test, for instance, tells you practically nothing about your health. What you really need to know is how much high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) you have and, beyond that, the size of the LDL particles.

If you're confused, it's not your fault. Cholesterol has been a highly publicized scapegoat for causing heart disease for decades, and many have diligently cut all cholesterol-rich foods (which are often also nutrient-rich foods) from their diets as a result.

Others have opted to take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs at the behest of their physicians. More than 1 in 4 Americans over 45 take them, despite their lengthy list of side effects and dubious effectiveness. But the real question is this: do you really need to be worried about cholesterol?

Is it the villain that's it's portrayed to be, silently clogging up your arteries and putting you at a dangerously high risk of heart attack, one cholesterol-laden egg yolk at a time? The answer is, for most people, no. So let's put some of the most widely circulated cholesterol myths to bed once and for all.


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Dec 3, 2007
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I believe it. I have friends in their late 60s. The wife says that her's is hereditary. She takes a cholesterol sequestering drug. At least those are safer than the regular statins. It sponges the intestines for the cholesterol and removes it that way. The husband has been taking statins for years. He can't understand why he also has to take testosterone among other things. But they also use bug "bombs" in their house. Those pesticides make estrogen dominant.. I tell them it would be better to spray lightly. No hope there.


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Apr 5, 2009
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Nov 29, 2013
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The doctors were told by their education that cholesterol was the cause of clogged arteries. This was backed up by the American Heart Association who took a 1.7 million bribe in the 1950s to recommend Crisco as a substitute for saturated fat.

This was based on work done by Dr. Ansell Keys who done a falsified study which started out with twenty countries and no correlation could be found so he found 7 countries that he could hand pick to prove his point it was the seven country study later called the Mediterranean diet. Dr. Ansell Keys who was on the board of Proctor and Gamble and also a part of the American Heart Association.

In his study he ignored all countries and groups that had the opposed facts like the American Eskimos whose diet is 75% saturated fat and have the lowest heart problems of anyone in the world and lowest cancer others are Maasai 66%. Rendille 63% and Tokelau 60% all have very low heart problems.

50% of people with heart attacks have low or what they call normal cholesterol. The Eskimos have cholesterol level of 350 to 500.
In 1971a paper published in Denmark showed that vegans had worst clogged arteries than meat eaters.

One question is never asked why it is only in arteries not veins you only hear about arteriosclerosis not veiniosclerosis. The body is intelligent and a hole in an artery is life threatening but in most veins it is not. When you have damage in the artery and the walls get weaken the body needs a band aid and it uses what it has is cholesterol. Just in the last few months the FDA in 2014 has admitted that the problem is damaged to the artery wall and that cholesterol is not the cause. With tunnel vision it is easy to blame the band aid for the cut as every time you see a band aid there is a cut.

What is Crisco? Well it was made as a submarine diesel lubricant made by a German chemist later sold to Proctor and Gamble to make candles and soap.
There is the same amount of cholesterol in the veins as in the arteries but the veins don’t get plugged with cholesterol this is a fact ignored.

What has this paranoia with cholesterol done fist what they used to replace lard, butter was margarine and oils all oxidise and become free radicals and trans fats who are now recognise as the problem with heart disease by the FDA in 2015 they are banning trans fats The FDA is February 2012 sent out a notice telling all doctor of increased warnings about statin causing dementia, diabetes, muscle, and problem with liver. They say statins will prevent heart attack but by how much if in 5 years it increases only one week and the bad effects of statin takes two months of life expectations due to side effects like dying from dementia or diabetes or liver failure but you did not die of a heart attack.

Is there any cholesterol deficiency diseases? Let us check what cholesterol does in the body

All sex hormones are made from cholesterol has there been an increase in erectile dysfunction or menopause problems?
The myelin of the brain affected by Alzheimer is 100% cholesterol if you do not have t you can fix anything.
Cholesterol in the skin exposed to sun light becomes vitamin D which they now claim there is a deficiency and it is a powerful part of the immune system. Also needed for many functions in the body.
Cholesterol is so important that you liver makes it but not enough so you need to take some in your diet.

Cholesterol is a large clumsy molecule and is hard to digest so in the best of times if anyone has a digestive problem they might not be getting enough.
Dr Kummerow a scientist has been proving for 50 years cholesterol is not the cause of plugged arteries and his research is what the FDA used to ban trans fats.

Other doctors /researchers like Uffe Ravnskov completely destroyed the premise that the medical system has on cholesterol.
Even another doctor/ researcher come forward Dr Malcolm Kendrick who has pored over the research studies that have been done
Another Dr. Glidden cholesterol myth
Eight doctors talk about the myth of cholesterol and saturated fat.

The list of doctors now speaking out is getting larger every day and even the FDA is now speaking out as well.
The tipping point of knowledge is getting closer.


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Apr 18, 2018
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I first learned about this Cholesterol Myth via Weston A Price Foundation. We have a chapter in our town and I learned so much. My integrative MD does not have a concern about cholesterol and my labs for all markers are in good place...she started testing my homocysteine levels a few yrs ago and levels were elevated....I've worked with probably 4 supps to lower homocysteine which includes TMG and Methyl Folate.