Breast pain and itching not sure what's going on...


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May 19, 2013
Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on breast pain/itchiness.Sorry if this is TMI but I've been having achy pain and itchiness in and around one nipple on and off for about a year. I haven't found a lump or anything but I've been to the dr and am being referred to see a specialist.

So I was just wondering if anyone:

1) has an idea of what it may be/had something similar?

2) has any suggestions of what food I should be eating/supplements etc

3) advice for when I get to see the specialist (may take a while!!)

thanks in advance :)


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Apr 5, 2009
I had some itchiness a long time ago, and never really knew what was causing it. I thought maybe it was some fabric of the bra, or shirt I wore, or just dry skin. No particular pain though.

B-12 cream will help with itching. Aluminum free baking soda mixed with filtered water can be soaked into a washcloth and applied to the area too.

Also, topical application of unrefined cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil can soothe the area and help with the itch, a spoonful a day internally will also help hydrate the skin. Let it soak in, so it doesn't stain fabric it comes in contact with.

Some people also find aloe vera gel to be soothing, but it could sting if there's breaks in the skin.

Other supplements that can help are natural vitamin E (d-alpha), vitamin D3 and Omega 3 fish oil.