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Oct 16, 2007
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Leith Holt lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She recently got her breast cancer cured at a clinic in Jacksonville, Arkansas, a small town near Little Rock. It cost her $6,250 for five days of treatment with a laser system. I’ll quote part of Leith’s message on it. Feel free to contact her if you have questions. She is truly committed to helping other cancer patients.

Reprinted with permission from Bill Henderson and Leith Holt

“Hi Bill,

I joined your site on August 2, 2007. You gave me much food for thought. I would like to share with you my encounter with breast cancer and the results.

I realized after talking to you today, and reviewing all the information I had obtained on-line, that it was your book ‘Cancer-Free - 2nd Edition’ (which I obtained by e-mail), and your newsletters that put me in pursuit of alternative therapies, and eventually led me to the treatment I received. Without your book and the optimism contained in it, I seriously doubt I would be in a position today to say that my breast cancer is dead and gone.

My family doctor was informed by me during a visit on June 19, 2007 that I had discovered a lump in my right breast. He sent me for a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy on June 22, 2007. I am a 62 year old female who was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast on June 28, 2007. The result was breast cancer with lymph node involvement (1 node). It was deemed to be Stage II-Stage III invasive ductal carcinoma (estrogen positive). On June 29th, my family doctor moved to another province, so I was without anyone to help me through the quagmire that was to come.

At first, I went through the normal channels of conventional medicine. I was given an appointment with a surgeon on July 4, 2007. However, after my first meeting with the surgeon and being informed that I had the choice of a total mastectomy or lumpectomy with radiation, I decided to do some investigation of my own. Something kept gnawing at me…to a point where I did not feel that conventional therapy was for me. I then decided to have another appointment with the surgeon on July 24, 2007 to ask questions about things such as survival, recurrence , and other methods used by other institutions.

This was the turning point for me. The surgeon was outraged that I would dare question his determination to do surgery. When I left, I told my husband that I refused to have conventional therapy and would find the answer elsewhere. I cancelled my surgery on July 26th, 2007.

A Naturopathic Doctor started me on some medications, such as triple potassium compound, Host Defense, Tumeric Force, Estrosense etc. On August 27th he ordered a blood test to see what the CA-15-3 marker was. It came back 32, just slightly above normal.

By now I was aware of my treatment alternatives, such as the Budwig Diet, Essiac, Dr. Simoncini, B-17 etc. In early September I ran across a site that intrigued me. The treatment seemed so logical. I investigated further, including listening to radio interviews with this individual. I began daily treatment (about 90 minutes each) on October 15th and finished on October 19th. I had the procedure for 4 days, and an INDEPENDENT ULTRASOUND done the morning of the last treatment on October 19th (the fifth and final treatment was in the afternoon to insure that if there were any stray cancer cells they would be destroyed).

The ultrasound showed that the tumor along with two involved lymph nodes were dead. Both my husband and I were present when the ultrasound was done and the technician allowed us both to view the screen and explained each pass she did. The diagnostic clinic also provided us with a CD of the ultrasound. The tumor which was not overly large in the first place (about the size of a cherry) has reduced about 1/2 in size. It will take my body time to absorb and eliminate the remaining dead tissue (I take special enzymes to assist in that procedure).

I do not wish to see others suffer the results of conventional medicine of cut (surgery) burn (radiation) and poison (chemotherapy). This is a very simple procedure. The site for the clinic at which I was a patient is

My e-mail address is:

Thank you.

Leith Holt

P.S. As a result of your site, (Bill Henderson’s )I started using MMS about a week ago to build up my immune system and rid it of all things that should not be there, and have passed the information on to many others with health problems.”


Videos of the Laser treatment in action:

Video 1:
notice the injection of iodine into the tumor during the procedure. Makes one think about all that is said about the importance of iodine supplementation and breast health. Do a search in HealthSalon search bar for Iodine.

video 2:

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