Book on Adrenal Fatigue

just me

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Apr 9, 2006
im lost, have no idea
This book is being sold on ebay, may 2 is my last day to be able to buy.... I dont remember where I read the recommendation for this book, so I am asking if anyone has read this book, and what is their opinion of it....... I can get the book for ten dollars. What say you good folks, Is any one familiar with this book???

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome

Author: James L. Wilson, Jonathan V. Wright
Format: Paperback
Condition: NEW
Publisher: Smart Publications
Number of Pages: 350


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Apr 18, 2006
Dr. Wilson's book

Hi Just Me,
Yes, I have read this book and I own it. I LOVE it and would definitely recommend it. I have adrenal fatigue due to Lyme Disease, and it is the best book I've read on the subject.
Recently we went through our huge number of books because we are getting ready to scale down and move. We donated 90% of our books to our local library. I only kept a few books I really wanted. Wilson's book was one I kept.