Anyone else have any advice for insomnia?


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I've been getting some help from a sound generator called a Sleep Spa (about $30). The ocean waves are the best, in my opinion, and also in the opinion of a friend I sent one to. There are sounds of rain, thunder, others too. Also helpful for stressful situations to feel more peaceful. Worth a try


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Solary sells a sleep blend capsule that's available in most health food stores, Sleep Blend SP-17. Melatonin is natural and effective, Source Naturals has a sublingual 1mg. tablet in orange and peppermint flavors, I use it often. Unisom is an over the counter anti-histamine that works well for sleep, I only take 1/2 tab, doesn't leave a hangover.

Lately I've been putting a couple of drops of Lavender Oil on a cotton balls in my pillow case, works well to relax for sleep.


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I've used most of the remedies you mentioned, including Unisom, which was my go-to in desperate times until I found a natural route that actually made me sleepy. I have tried the aromatherapy, essential oils, lights, relaxation drinks, Kava Kava (supplement and drink form), melatonin, even the adaptogenic herbs that support relaxation and promote better sleep, etc. None of them ever actually made me tired when I was suffering from a bout of insomnia.

The thing that works for me is an herbal supplement that has a blend of sleep-promoting and anti-anxiety herbs. Note* I'm choosing my words carefully here as I don't want to come across as spammy by brand-dropping. I'm not associated them, but I am new to this forum and don't want to break any rules.

With that said, except for Unisom (and the other brands that have the same ingredients as Unisom), the only other sleep aid that worked for me is an herbal supplement that contains a blend of lemon balm, melatonin, valerian, and passionflower. When I tried melatonin by itself, it didn't have enough of an effect on insomnia, but would only make me relaxed.

This seemed to be the right combo of herbs for me as I tried another brand with similar ingredients and it also had a significant effect. I prefer one over the other brand because it seems more potent. There are times when I open the capsules and only take a small half or less of it because it's so strong. I had a full bottle of something like 30 capsules and although it's been a couple of years since I got it, there have only been 2-3 times that I've taken it and not went fast to sleep.

Oh, I have to say, those herbs have a really potent... odor. Lol. The valerian, I believe. It's nothing horrific, but it has a very pungent smell that some people might find off-putting.

I always liked Unisom and was a big fan of Tylenol P.M as a teenager, but found out about the negative things that occur when you take them for long periods of time. I was starting to worry that I'd get to where I needed the sleep aids just to sleep. Once I got in my late teens and started having responsibilities, I noticed they were making me feel cruddy the next day.

If your situation is similar and you have had great luck with things like Unisom, the herbs that work for me might also be helpful in your case. I know my spouse has tougher luck when it comes to sleep aids and I've had good luck, so I guess everyone is different.

As a side thought, I always love the feeling when the herbal supplement first "kicks in." I just grab a book after I take it and wake up with the book on my chest. I like that the valerian calms my nerves and anxiety, too.


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I don't think I have insomnia, but frequently I do have to take something to help me get to sleep and stay asleep.

My "go to" supplement is melatonin (10mg). I also take it for its other benefits. Melatonin and Cancer ...and... Blood pressure in seniors

If I still can't get to sleep after an hour, I take 5-HTP. Then, I am asleep within 10 minutes and stay asleep all night, except for 1 bathroom break.


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I have always had trouble sleeping... any natural and holistic ways to get easier sleep?
If it was five years ago I'd say drink a half cup of strong Rooibos tea. Unfortunately, the suppliers have found a way to remove or lessen its medicinal effect, so unless you get real lucky, its likely a waste of time. Some claim that Nerve root, Valerian, Passionflower, or Hops tea works; never did for me. The new fad is:
Never tried it so I cannot say if it works. I simply stopped fighting insomnia. I'm retired, so I can stay up as late as I want. When I'm sleepy I go to bed.

It may sound weird, but you might try mantra practice. I find nothing tires me out faster, and makes me yawn more than chanting a mantra out loud for 15 minutes (guaranteed to be the longest 15 minutes ever). Try that. Half hour before bed, sit in a chair and chant a mantra for 15 minutes, then go immediately to bed and chant the mantra silently in your head for 15 minutes more.


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I really understand you, guys. For me, it's a big problem too...
Also, i have a problem with alcohol. My wife is sure that my addiction caused insomnia. She wants me to get into rehab. We started to look for a recovery center a few days ago. I've found several on But don't know is it really good enough. Maybe you can propose me a good one?


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I have no insomnia and don't think I ever did, and I'm 80.

I have made up my own sleep combo which consists of 1mg Melatonin and Inositol. Love that Inositol, learn to work with it for your issues, could be an answer,

Then before I made up my own remedy, I was using Deep Sleep which contains Calif Poppy and it was a good product, but then I found my stuff and it's working for about 15 yrs or so with a little bit of tweaking.

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In my experience insomnia is not a one-cause-one-cure scenario. There are a large number of potential causes.
Questions I have for the op:
Is it a situation where you have trouble getting to sleep?
Is it a situation where you have trouble staying asleep?
Is it both?
Are there any things that seem to exacerbate it? Any times when it seems better?
Do you have any other adrenal/nervous issues? Anxiety? Adrenal dysfunction? Depression? General stress management problems?
How's your gastric health?
Have you been identified as having methylation problems?
Do you have any other health issues?

Sorry that's a lot of questions but I feel like it's useful to tease out those types of details especially when discussing insomnia and subsequently to find the right approach/specific remedy. Just throwing a cocktail of the usual suspects at insomnia may or may not work especially if it's been that way your whole life. Devil's in the details.


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I have always had trouble sleeping... any natural and holistic ways to get easier sleep?
Work with Tryptophan, I've started taking just under 500mg about 1/2 hr before hitting the pillow, and this addition gets me back to sleep after trips to bathroom in the wee hours.

I have a sleep combo of 1mg Melatonin and 500mg Inositol but added the above recently with 50mg P5P (B6) and I'm back to sleep quick.


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Try working with Inositol, it has so many benefits including sleep issues...even the heart and much more. I take it daily and with my sleep stuff.


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I have always had trouble sleeping... any natural and holistic ways to get easier sleep?
Surprised nobody has recommended CBD oil yet.

CBD oil is derived from marijuana but does not have any of the psychoactive THC properties in it. Definitely worth a try, insomnia has been the Achilles heel of my health and CBD oil has been the best natural solution or getting some sleep.


I always liked Unisom and was a big fan of Tylenol P.M as a teenager, but found out about the negative things that occur when you take them for long periods of time. I was starting to worry that I'd get to where I needed the sleep aids just to sleep.
I've been using Unisom or about 9 months now, I use it very sparingly only a few days a week and only take a half dose when I do. That being said want to get to the point where I can wean off it completely because I too and cautious of long term negative effects, even if only taking occasionally.

When has your research concluded as being some of the negative effects of long term use?


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I have a sleep combo that works for me and it include tryptophan and B6 and Inositol and a tad of melatonin but CBD is hit and miss in so much and I've tried salves and the oils...not my first go to remedy.