Anyone Do Muscle Testing & Work With Pendulum


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I do and have for over 10 yrs...find it fascinating and helpful.

I've never asked pendulum (RoseAnn) if I have polyps in my colon and just got a Negative...that's re-assuring. I didn't think I do but this energy work says NO.


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Muscle testing is kineosology.

Pendulum work is our body's energy using a the old days many made their own and I'm sure many still do...but I bought a lovely one at a crystal metaphysical store.

If you have interest there is a lot of info online. \

BTW: I just tried to register in the Senior group, and having problems. Do you know if it's all part of this forum or totally separate?


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I don't think I'm interested in it right now, but thanks for the info Jam. It's a separate forum, I sent you a private message.