Alternatives to Travel Vaccinations


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Aug 15, 2014
The warmest of greetings fellow healthies.

My question for you all -

Is there a way to avoid getting vaccinations before departing on a journey through South East Asia and potentially the rest of the world?

I've spent some time traveling in a rather alternative way, by hitchhiking and letting the wind guide me so to speak. So without actively attempting to control the situations that unfold, I'd like to avoid being pumped full of these potentially deadly concoctions the lab-jockeys call vaccines.

Any suggestions as to a natural alternative or any other advice would be truly appreciated and i'm sure this thread will help any other prospective holistic travelers out there.

Cheers and all the love in the world, Deepwaters


Apr 23, 2014
I'm not sure the extent to which religious exemptions apply to other countries who have mandatory laws, etc., but I would try the following

Immunomax, made by Nutritional Frontiers
Dandelion tea or supplements
green tea

For starters. Make sure to bring them in a carry-on bag and not check-in, as higher radiation via check-in will can damage their potency.

I'm a big believer is loose herbal teas. Yerba mate is like wow, the ultimate for me. There are many options. I hope others will chime in here. Safe travels.