10 Benefits of Warm Lemon or Lime Water Daily


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Apr 5, 2009
A glass of warm lemon or lime water first thing in the morning is surprisingly helpful in several ways. This Yogic or Ayurvedic ritual was primarily for stimulating digestion and eliminating ama, the Ayurvedic term for toxic slime that builds up in the gastro-intestinal or GI tract. This ritual has even more health benefits.

Full article: http://www.naturalnews.com/033383_lemon_juice_digestion.html
More about lemons...https://www.natmedtalk.com/wiki/Lemon

Jul 25, 2011
Lemon is basically acidic as you all know,but when mixed with water it alkalinizes actually,and alkaline is always good...

and as far as im concerned i suncharge my water (thankfully i live on a hot island,lot of sun) so my water is always kinda hot,without a kettle :p