yeast infection

  1. L

    How to Cure Yeast Infection??? Please Help!

    I have this problem for 3 months I thought it will disappear it self but I think it getting worst I tried antibiotic prescription by doctor but not work yes they like dry but itchy and strike again any suggestion?
  2. M

    please help, embarrassing yeast infection

    i have an embarrassing yeast infection, its so annoying, i have tried everything and i seem not to find a solution. if anyone tried something that worked, please let me know
  3. bearcub

    Post-Viral Symptoms, Help!

    I was feeling perfectly healthy and normal Friday morning. Went to work at 1, and by 2, I was well on my way to one of the worst fevers of my life. By 5, I'm lucky I was able to walk myself home early in my delerium, shakes and double vision. I was in bed as soon as I got home, taking in lots of...