1. kind2creatures

    Natural Options for Cataracts

    Some alternatives for cataracts...http://www.naturalnews.com/035446_cataracts_surgery_alternatives.html
  2. kind2creatures

    Wheatgrass Juice

    Informative article on the benefits of Wheatgrass, including detoxification, chemo support, ulcerative colitis conditions, topical cream for Plantar Fasciitis, etc. http://www.healthyfellow.com/950/wheatgrass-juice-research/#more-950
  3. L

    Thinking of doing a colon irrigation.

    I am thinking of doing a colonic or colon irrigation and was wondering if any one has any input good or bad in regards to them. I have read contradicting info on them ( just like everything else I've tried thus far) and figured I was ask the very knowledgeable Nat Med Talk community. I have...