sodium bicarbonate

  1. cyber-junkie

    Baking soda daily...ok or bad?

    I have been reading different articles for some time about the benifits of baking soda (sodium bicarb) and have weened my self daily "tums" type antacids (which I think is good) by using baking soda, I probably use about a tsp daily (I take approx. 1/4 tsp a few times a day). I monitor my...
  2. Arrowwind09

    Sodium Bicarb in a Nebulizer

    Can anyone tell me the dosages to set up sodium bicarb in a nebulizer for inhalation? and what kind of fluid do you mix it with, normal saline or plain water?
  3. M

    vit. C and baking soda measurements (virus flush)

    I want to make a drink of ascorbic acid and sodium bicarbonate but can't figure out the amounts to use because I don't have a scale. I do have measuring spoons though. Does anyone know of a good amount to use of each in the measurements of volume (tsp., T, etc.)? My goal is to get rid of a...
  4. saved1986


    Co worker needs advice. I found ginger root helps, anything else?
  5. H

    pH Therapy might be the Ultimate Cure

    Simple.ology... Modern medical industry has made our health problems complicated and seem like rocket science to the general public. The problem starts when fellow medical professionals focusing too much on the symptoms instead of the root of the diseases. Yes! It's a fact that human body is...