1. kind2creatures

    Gum Health and Erectile Dysfunction

    Poor gum health or inflammation can effect men's erectile function...
  2. B

    Sexual Addiction Supplements?

    Please help, I am at a loss of what to do. I have struggled with sexual addiction from the age of 15, and somehow I thought it was "gone" but recently realized it's still there strong and causing a lot of problems in my relationship with my boyfriend. I have uncontrollable sexual thoughts and...
  3. S

    Can this kid get in trouble for sexual abuse?

    So for my College Writing course, we were given a situation and have to write about it. I hate mine, it is disturbing. A 10 year old touches his 3 year old sister innapropriately. When he is 12, he forces his sister to touch him twice. He is caught by the parents. What happens? He never...