1. W

    Looking for remedy for dry scalp

    A couple of years ago when I decided to try living a more natural life style I stopped using shampoo. (amongst other changes to my diet) Soon I noticed that sometimes my scalp would become itchy and if I would rub my hand through my hair it was like snow falling from my head. Sometimes it gets...
  2. T

    Bronchitis no appetite for over 6 days

    I have been sick badly with bronchitis for the last five days and totally lost my appetite and have either eaten nothing or barely anything. One day I may have managed to eat about 600-700 calories, but on most days much less or nothing. I am so congested with mucus and constantly coughing and...
  3. saved1986


    healing with booze. Nothing knocks out pain like a couple long island ice teas. On a milder note, Guiness Stout lowers the heart disease rate. There is something about the Guiness containing a fair amount of antioxidants. Need just a light buzz that makes you feel normalized: try saki...