Bronchitis no appetite for over 6 days


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I have been sick badly with bronchitis for the last five days and totally lost my appetite and have either eaten nothing or barely anything. One day I may have managed to eat about 600-700 calories, but on most days much less or nothing. I am so congested with mucus and constantly coughing and trying to expel mucus so it is like my body doesn't want anything to go in. My brain was high off ketosis yesterday at work and I didn't feel right. I only realized after a Jeff Novick thread about soups vs smoothies was linked here, that duh, I should drink my calories! So I bought a bunch of Bolthouse Farms smoothies on my work break. I also bought two boxes of Larabar energy bars that are calories dense but compact. At work for lunch I was planning to eat two of the Larabars but could only force down one.

According to this article:
Over the counter medicines with acetaminophen can help. I have found one from Walgreens and it seems to help the symptoms a little:

I haven't bothered to go to a doctor yet because I know I will wait a while, they will finally see me, barely examine me and I will likely leave with antiobiotics and Bronchitis is almost never caused by bacteria. So I am not too motivated to see professional medical help, as that is already what happened 2-3 years ago when I last had a bout of Bronchitis and all I got was an antibiotics Rx I never filled out.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something else I can do to get some calories in?

Is there anything I can get from a doctor by prescription that would help?

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Prior to the development of the pharmaceutical industry and today's antibiotics, colloidal silver was used extensively and with a great deal of success to treat both bacterial and viral infections. Both MesoSilver and Utopia Silver are excellent brands and have been used to effectively treat bronchitis. You can read testimonials for MesoSilver here:

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Also, try Mucinex. It is a concentrated bark from the guaiac tree, Guaifenesin, that works well to thin the mucus. It is an expectorant. It won't cure the bronchitis, but will help relieve some of the symptoms. You can also get it as a supplement in most health food stores. It really works for me, even for sinus congestion. Since it thins the mucous, it makes the cough more productive.


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Wild Cherry Bark liquid tincture will help to clear phlegm from the throat and Pleurisy Root extract to help clear lungs, we've used both in the past and they were pretty effective for colds and congestion.
There used to be an herbal tea called Naturotussin that for some reason went off the market years ago but it was an absolute miracle worker and cleared my horrible colds the same day I drank it. I recall it containing wild cherry bark at least in part. Too bad it's gone. Probably the FDA's responsibility.


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Ah! you have my sympathy. This has been all over the UK. Pretty much everyone has had it, has got it or is getting it!

The fever & cold symptoms don't last that long, a few days, the following on cough is another matter. You'll have trouble getting rid of that.

Most of these over the counter cough medicines are rubbish.
There is one I would recommend - and its a genuinely powerful expectorant - is BRONCHOSTOP. The product's strike force is thyme and marshmallow root extract.

It's at the upper end price-wise.

It tastes pleasant, you'll have no trouble getting it down.


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I've had it and yes I was off my food too.
A (vegan) soya yoghurt, straight out of the fridge, went down very well.
And fruit. You can't go wrong there.

Your body's using all its energy to battle the infection, that's why you're off your food.
[Fruit and yoghurt are quickly digested, so they are your best bet. You should be at home really, but if you have to go to work, obviously you have to eat something, so ...]


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It takes energy to digest food, so your body is using energy to fight off the infection, so it slows down or stops the hunger cycle and you don't feel hungry.

This isn't organic, but nor will it kill all the good microbes in your gut. Use Mucinex to loosen the congestion and spit out the phlegm when it comes up.