1. S

    Lemons keep going moldy

    So I try to include lemons in my diet.. often in the morning squeezed into warm water, but lately I buy a couple lemons and leave them around and within a week at least one turns completely green with mold.. then I have to throw them all out - and of course molds aren't good for you so I try to...
  2. kind2creatures

    Storing Your Nuts

    I have a full unopened bag of walnuts in the basement pantry and a half bag of almonds on the kitchen counter. I may need to move the walnuts to the freezer and the almonds to the fridge. I've heard of this before, but I've never acted on it.
  3. L

    Our Grandparents Stored Butter and Eggs Outside of the Fridge

    So, why do we keep our butter inside the fridge and keep it hard as a rock and let it break up our bread every time we try and spread it? Meanwhile, theirs was soft as butter and spread easily.
  4. L

    Refrigerate Maple Syrup?

    It always says refrigerate after opening....I never do...and I never have any problems with it.... do you refrigerate?