1. N

    My sis got water-retention & Skin rash w/itchie

    it's going on a month or more, although I'm not sure, could be longer. Her doc gave her prednizone I think it was, will find out for sure on that. But just talked to her this a.m. and she is really delving into some alternatives because it isn't completely going away yet. I want to ask anyone...
  2. R

    Pruritus Ani…Stop Anal Itching?

    So this is very unpleasant, but I have pruritus ani which is basically a very itchy anus. There doesn't seem to be a concise list of treatment options, there's everything from cleaning the area with a bidet to prescription pills to wiping with banana peels, so I'm looking for a true remedy to...
  3. A

    Advice for many skin problems?

    Sorry to be so general but I have so many health problems I would like to present them all and I also feel the need to vent and get some feedback on what else I can do. I don't expect an answer to everything so I'll list my concerns to make it less overwhelming. I mainly just need support and to...
  4. A

    Horrendously disgusting rash during wart treatment, please help!

    Hello, I had a few warts on my arm, which spread into a patch on my hand and in a few random other spots on my body... I have no idea why this happened. I eat a plant based diet, I exercise, everything I eat is completely wheat free, meat free, dairy free, egg free, processed food free and...
  5. F

    Mysterious rash on face and scalp

    Help me diagnose what this is please. It's red, slightly bumpy, but does not itch or burn or anything. It seems to flare up randomly. Sometimes it flakes and if I scratch it off, it's red and sore-looking underneath. It's mainly near my hairline, under my beard and mustache, and in my scalp...
  6. J

    Medium-sized rashlike mark on stomach?

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but about a week ago my mom developed a red mark on her stomach that has since grown in size to about 1 or 2 inches in diameter and appears a bit dried out. I have attached a picture. She is thinking it is a fungal infection. Any ideas? She has been putting...
  7. E

    Random Skin Rash?

    Showed up 4 weeks ago along with 1 rash on my arm the rash on my arm has practically went away but the one on my back has got worst and itchs sometimes my back will heat up and ill feel little bee stings all over it what could this be? i assumed it was from eating alot of seafood but then my arm...
  8. L

    Red and Rashy Around 15 Month Girl's Area

    My little girl (15 months) has gotten something around here groin area. Its red and rashy looking. We thought it was diaper rash, because we had switched diapers. But then we switched back and its still there. I've tried budrreauxs natural butt paste and coconut oil and aloe vera, but it...
  9. C

    Fungus under breasts

    Doc told me I have a mild fungus (looks like blotchy heat rash) under there and gave me a prescrip for something but I decided I wanted to try au natural first.. So I had a look at some tea tree & peppermint oil spray, which I've just used now... It burns!! Please correct me if this is not a...
  10. L

    What is Good For Diaper Rash?

    What is good for diaper rash (reddness) for a baby? (6 months) what is good to rub on their bottom for preventative rawness/redness?
  11. M

    Does anyone know what this is? (red rash)

    I have been to 3 internists, 2 dermatologists, 2 Gastroenterologists and even an allergist. No one has been able to figure out what this is and I am at a total loss. Every time I eat certain foods, within 1-2 hours I develop red spots all over my stomach (mostly around the belly button area) -...
  12. Lodestar

    Irritating and persistant rash on my finger.

    Over summer I had some skin peel off due to being dry on the inside of my middle finger. I thought nothing of it. But it developed into something of a heat/sweat rash. Unfortunately it has been quite some weeks and it rather seems to be both peeling and slowly spreading with itchy lumps. It...
  13. saved1986


    Have this horrible underarm rash on my left armpit. Stopped deoderants for awhile. But yesterday morning it was very red. I was at the mustard seed health food store in akron around 2pm and they had testers in the cosmetic session. I put a dab of some skin cream with 7 percent neem oil on a...