1. G

    readily available substitute for starch?

    hi, I was preparing my favourite food which moderate amount of cornstarch in the past but I needed to limit it or replace with something with non-startch. The reason is I got some psoriasis issue and potential candida infection. The starch is one of the main food for candida. I am wondering what...
  2. kind2creatures

    Shrinking of Cancerous Tumors with Diet & Raising pH

    8 year old girl shrinks her cancerous tumors by raising her pH, and diet...
  3. kind2creatures

    Man Who Cured His Prostate Cancer with Baking Soda (Update)

    Here's an update on the man who cured his stage IV prostate cancer with baking soda...
  4. kind2creatures

    Critical Look at 3 Alternative Cancer Cures

    A critical look at three popular alternative cancer treatments/cures, including oxygen, alkaline (pH), baking soda and molasses...
  5. cyber-junkie

    Baking soda daily...ok or bad?

    I have been reading different articles for some time about the benifits of baking soda (sodium bicarb) and have weened my self daily "tums" type antacids (which I think is good) by using baking soda, I probably use about a tsp daily (I take approx. 1/4 tsp a few times a day). I monitor my...
  6. cyber-junkie

    Amazing Micro Water...hype or good?

    I have been reading about the benefits of alkaline water for some time and there are plenty of alkaline waters out there, I use just regular baking soda in RO water but found this water, sounds interesting....maybe just water with minerals added, after all minerals make water alkaline, what do...
  7. H

    toxoplasma gondii and candida

    i went for a live blood analysis and i was told and shown toxoplasma gondii and candida in my blood. i have prostatits and pain in the urethra, testicals and rectum. i am doing way better now that i have been fighting with probiotics and the candida diet with mms, lugols, fivelac, syntol, all...
  8. K


    The secret healing powers of lemons
  9. L

    Being Alkaline - Is that the Cancer Cure? After cleansing, if you get yourself alkaline, is that how you cure cancer?
  10. L

    Can You Really Change the Acidity of Your Body?

    just playing the devil's advocate on an article i found.... "Dr. Gabe Mirkin, associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Georgetown University School of Medicine, goes further, stating that anyone who claims...
  11. kind2creatures

    Grapefruit Seed Extract is Alkalizing

  12. D

    Great News

    There is some great news to report. Good news here and other good news too! I want everyone to know, I was not able to use the computer for some time. School was out, cleaning out 20 years of stuff from my house (not finished), doing consignment sales, yard sales, and just too busy. Some of...
  13. D

    Natural approach for diabetes

    Is there anyone that is controlling diabetes naturally? How about type 1? My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 over a year ago and is not on any medication. Her blood sugars are normal. She follows a revolutionary diet plan by, Robert O. Young, "The pH Miracle for Diabetes". Harry, I...