1. B

    Trying to find Monstanto study that got them approval to use GMOs in Europe

    There's some info about a Monsanto study that was used to get Europe to allow GMOs to be grown in Europe... and the study also used Sprague-Dawley rats. Anyone have a link for that? I'm having trouble finding it. Thank you.
  2. kind2creatures

    Monsanto "Cure" for World Hunger is Cursing Global Food Supply

    Read how Monsanto and its claim to want to "cure" world hunger, is actually cursing our global food supply...
  3. Solstice Goat

    Vermont could be first US state to mandate GMO food labeling
  4. kind2creatures

    Monsanto Poisoning Hawaii Land and Water

    Monsanto destroying Hawaii land and water with their GMOs/pesticides...
  5. Arrowwind09

    Who Benefits for GM Crops?

    This is a very good report and helps to put things in perspective
  6. kind2creatures

    Why Are The Animals Dying? (birds, fish)

    Why are the animals dying? Birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) In the last week, nearly 100,000 fish washed up on the shores of the Arkansas River, dead. Also in Arkansas, thousands of red-winged blackbirds fell from...
  7. D

    Milk, Monsanto, FDA & FOX News

    Here is the process that Monsanto uses to get its Milk Producing Hormone approved, and what happens if you try to report on it. Dan