1. dolphingirl4

    Hormone Imbalance & Weight Gain

    Hello! I would love some insight, but if not it's okay. Simply venting all this may help me some. So I really need to make some changes to diet and lifestyle. In the last year, really less than that, I have gained more than 20 lbs. I've been a bit overweight for several years, but this is the...
  2. L

    The Way to Healthy Living

    i started practice yoga because of my back pain few years ago. yoga gave me amazing feeling of being the very part of nature. i quit using medications, eating meat, i walk a lot, etc: i love organic teas (my favourites - choice or bigelow), twice a week - warm baths filled with sea salts...
  3. K

    Red meat and stomach/esophageal cancer

    Red meat consumption increases the risk of stomach and esophageal cancer
  4. B

    Healthy Living

    I would like to have a tread that talks about our everyday lifestyle. This can make a big difference in one's health. How many of us do some raw juicing, green smoothies, complex carbs, and grass-fed protein? What are the supplements that we use? I know that a few of us talk about some good...