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  1. kind2creatures

    30 Minute Food Documentary Shows That Food Production Has Changed for the Worse!

    How the modern demand for more and cheap foods has changed the natural way everything was meant to be...http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/01/11/food-documentary.aspx
  2. revzen

    What they DID NOT teach you in school [Clive De Carle]

    What they DID NOT teach you in school - Clive De Carle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVgRDQfDaas Clive has a laid back delivery, not unlike myself, and in this presentation dispatches some vital information regarding natural remedies. I'll be watching this a second time to soak in the...
  3. B

    Food Addiction

    I looked elsewhere for support from this and got some rude judgements.. I'm not looking for "get professional help". I do regular therapy. I've been to support groups. That's not what I want, and I'm a little defensive now but hopefully I can find something here as everyone has been great in...
  4. H

    Best Type Of Food For Health

    I am wondering what the best kinds of foods to consume are? I have heard that vitamins supplement for healthy eating but I have a feeling that they are not as good as the real thing. My question is what kinds of foods should I consume that do not contain preservatives or other additives linked...
  5. kind2creatures

    Food Poisoning

    Some info about E. coli, salmonella, etc.
  6. kind2creatures

    Save Money with a Root Cellar

    A short article about root cellars... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.energytimes.com/pages/dep...oking1009.html
  7. saved1986

    Hit the grocery store, My God

    Prices are nuts. lamb shanks were around 5 bucks a piece just 6 months ago, now they are 9-10 bucks. :-x
  8. kind2creatures

    Dog Foods Recall - Aflatoxin

    (forwarded message...)
  9. E

    Important info on Mercola today-Organics

    Mercola's article today on Organic foods & companies that really do NOT produce organic products, is shocking & sad. :-x It's a case of customer - beware & be aware. Evermore reasons to buy locally whenever possible.
  10. saved1986

    I couldn't agree more

    http://news.yahoo.com/paula-deen-anthony-bourdains-contribution-america-being-irritable-163055066.html She cooks poison and starts off every recipe with "take 2 pounds of margarine" etc. For that matter I agree on rachel and sandra. Thery are not chefs
  11. saved1986

    Not to come off as a snob

    But when ever I go outside the US I hit the grocery stores and load up. This morning I had a couple french cookies I picked up in st maarten. Same price as US ones, but made with butter instead of margarines. fantastic! Also, if you are familiar with lorna dunes (sp?). They use to be made...
  12. kind2creatures

    Food Ingredients To Avoid

    Here's an article that lists some food ingredients that should be avoided. http://www.naturalnews.com/033162_food_ingredients_chemicals.html
  13. G

    What about aborted baby tissue in food

    This is as low as it gets. This article is about vacations but read on about Pepsi, Kraft and Nestle refusing to stop using it in our food. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/07/10/this-shocking-fact-is-never-disclosed-on-any-vaccine-informed-consent-form.aspx
  14. kind2creatures

    Allergy Elimination Re: Food

    The Allergy Elimination Diet This has been a particularly difficult season for allergy suffers. The Allergy Elimination Diet is one I recommed many of my patients who cannot seem to find the source of their issues. If pollens, dust and dander are not a major source of your allergens, then by...
  15. kind2creatures

    Overcoming Food Cravings

    Overcoming Food Cravings April 20, 2011 Written by JP There are numerous ways of dealing with food cravings. Last week, I mentioned one practical option which is to make a healthier version of the food you’re lusting after – such as birthday cake. But ultimately the most assured way of...
  16. 4

    What are your suggestions on best most inexpensive dog food?...and eye problems?

    I know that 'brand names are not to be recommended' but you can tell me what you feed your dogs which is inexpensive yet 'healthy'. I would love your feed back...(I don't want to make it myself). Also, my dog has a constant leakage from his eyes which started a week ago....looks like pus...
  17. L

    Jofus's food pyrimid...

    Raw, organic eggs. After doing extensive research for the last few months I have come to the conclusion that raw organic eggs are the only food that is good for you. Well kind of, they do have enzymes in the that help block digestion of certain nutrients, but we have to be able to eat...
  18. S

    Why do so many good foods/herbs lower BP?

    So what if your like me and you have the opposite problem of most people.. my blood pressure tends to run on the low side, maybe too low at times.. But it seems everytime I research some good food or herb I wanna take it says its lowers BP as if it were a good thing.. which it probably isnt for...
  19. L

    Meal Idea's

    So over the last month I have been learning a lot about health, and a lot of it thanks to this site:D It has really got me thinking about nutrition. I am a single father of 1 boy, who is now 8. I have always tried to serve "healthy" meals for him, but I really don't know much about cooking, and...
  20. kind2creatures

    Blue Buffalo Dog Food (alert)

    ...forwarded message: