1. kind2creatures

    Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil (dieter's friend)

    The Amazing Benefits of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil by Jo Hartley, citizen journalist (NaturalNews) Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is cold pressed from the rind of the grapefruit. This beneficial essential oil is not only a cleansing and revitalizing oil, but its bright aroma energizes and...
  2. kind2creatures

    Guidelines for Good Arterial Health

    Men's Health: Guidelines for Good Arterial Health From a healthy heart to a good sex life, the proper flow and circulation of blood in our arteries is one of the most important things we can do to maintain good health and push back the aging process. There is a common denominator between...
  3. L

    celery may lower blood pressure

    From personal experience i found out that celery lowers blood pressure. I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was 130 something over 85 and i bought some celery and i typed the benefits of celery and one of the benefits was that it lowers blood pressure because celery has a compound that...
  4. Harry Hirsute

    Stress-Related Digestive Problems? Try Probiotics.