dental care

  1. larrybuckley90

    How do you use periotomes for extraction?

    Periotome is used by gently pushing it down in the PDL space towards the root apex, often used with a mallet for minimal tapping force. The periotomes can be used as a lever as well.
  2. larrybuckley90

    Are you looking best dental surgical instruments

    If you are looking for a wide variety and best quality dental surgical instruments then consider purchasing from GerDentUSA. The dental instruments are available in several variations to assist the medical practitioner superiorly.
  3. larrybuckley90

    Healthcare coordinators

    Hi, everyone!!! I'm Larry. I’m a Healthcare coordinators, I’ve 25 years of Experience in medical or health as a service manager. I’m handle many responsibilities like planning and coordinating the medical and health services in their scope of influence.
  4. Ted_Hutchinson

    An apple is worse for your teeth than a fizzy drink By ROGER DOBSON

    An apple is worse for your teeth than a fizzy drink By ROGER DOBSON As my comments to these articles frequently don't appear or are later removed I'll copy my reply to one of the other comments here.
  5. S

    Got my first tiny cavity!

    So last time I went to get my teeth cleaned the dentist said I have a tiny cavity.. ive never had one in my whole life.. dunno why I got one now. I eat healthy, no soda, candy etc.. but my health has decreased a little bit over the year.. Anyway, im trying to figure out the best way to treat...