1. L

    I love smoking

    Actually I don't smoke, but I'm sick and tired of the bully tactics used by the anti-smoking brigade to brow beat people with their absurd "smoking kills" propaganda. I'll give you an example or two. I don't smoke (as I said) and I don't drink and I don't use any drugs and I have been in and...
  2. kind2creatures

    Overcoming Food Cravings

    Overcoming Food Cravings April 20, 2011 Written by JP There are numerous ways of dealing with food cravings. Last week, I mentioned one practical option which is to make a healthier version of the food you’re lusting after – such as birthday cake. But ultimately the most assured way of...
  3. kind2creatures

    11 Secrets To Successful Weight Loss

    Chalene's 11 Secrets to Success from Chalene Johnson (Turbo Jam) 1. Vigorous exercise won't stimulate you to overeat. It's just the opposite. Exercise at any level helps curb your appetite immediately following a workout and will likely cause you to actually crave healthy foods. 2. Distract...