1. kind2creatures

    Blueberries & Grape Seed Extract for Aging Brain

    Recently bought 8 pints (12oz) of blueberries on sale, $4.99 a pint, buy one get one free. Here's another article on the benefits.
  2. kind2creatures

    Licorice May Protect Brain Cells

    Food for thought: compound in licorice may protect brain cells from Alzheimer's and other diseases by S. L. Baker, features writer (NaturalNews) Could natural compounds in plants hold the key to helping prevent or treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's...
  3. kind2creatures

    Beet Juice and Brain Health (dementia)

    Daily dose of beet juice promotes brain health in older adults by S. L. Baker, features writer (NaturalNews) The memory and mind-destroying disease known as Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia are often seen as terrifying consequences of aging that strike out of the blue -- and supposedly...
  4. U

    Mercury A Likely Cause for Alzheimer's

    Research Shows Mercury is a Likely Cause for Alzheimer's Disease Business Wire 11-15-10 In an article to be published in the November 15th issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, researchers have found that mercury is likely to be one of the multiple causes of Alzheimer's disease...
  5. kind2creatures

    Blueberries Improve Memory In Older Adults

    ...from a local health store ad:
  6. kind2creatures

    Brain Plaques Do Not Cause Alzheimer's

    Brain plaques do not cause Alzheimer's (we've been lied to for 20 years) by David Gutierrez, staff writer (NaturalNews) Turning 30 years of established Alzheimer's dogma on its head, researchers are now increasingly rejecting the theory that sticky plaques in the brain are responsible for...
  7. Ted_Hutchinson

    Vitamin B 'puts off Alzheimer's

    Vitamin B 'puts off Alzheimer's There is a short video at the above link.
  8. kind2creatures

    Rosemary Can Protect Brain from Dementia/Alzheimer's

    Rosemary Can Protect the Brain From Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease by Sheryl Walters, citizen journalist (NaturalNews) Rosemary is an herb with a distinctly woody taste and fragrant evergreen needle-like leaves that can deliciously transform our food. In addition to its food enhancing...
  9. kind2creatures

    Alzheimer's Drugs Cause Brain Damage/Memory Loss

    Alzheimer's drugs cause brain damage and actually worsen memory loss by S. L. Baker, features writer (NaturalNews) Big Pharma drugs that are being used on humans right now and promoted as potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease (AD) could cause the very brain damage and memory loss they...
  10. Arrowwind09

    Coconut Oil Helps Alzheimer's

    After two weeks of taking coconut oil, Steve Newport's results in an early onset Alzheimer's test gradually improved says his wife, Dr. Mary Newport. Before treatment, Steve could barely remember how to draw a clock. Two weeks after adding coconut oil to his diet, his drawing improved. After 37...
  11. kind2creatures

    Alzheimer's Cause (opinion)

    Consider the Cause of Alzheimer's Disease (Opinion) by Hesh Goldstein, citizen journalist (NaturalNews) We, Americans, are losing our minds to Alzheimer`s disease. It is an epidemic and it is not typical of what`s going on in the rest of the world. The World Health Organization estimates...
  12. M

    Using coconut oil for Alzheimer's

    A few days ago I got the latest newsletter from Dr. Whitaker. It tells of a 59 yr. old accountant who began having problems at work: disorganized, error prone, depressed. He was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer's and it rapidly progressed. His wife is an MD and she learned of a clinical...
  13. Matrix

    Excessive sleeping causes Alzheimer's?

    Do you sleep more than 8 hours? Source