1. kind2creatures

    My New Anti-Cancer Routine

    It's known that cancer thrives in an acidic body, and cannot survive very well in an alkaline environment. For awhile now, I've been having a half cup of water each morning with 2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice and 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda. I find this is very easy, simple and cheap...
  2. B

    Protein, Calcium and Alkalinity

    Hello everyone, I have here my latest blog entry on the myths of protein, calcium and the importance of alkalinity Here is the link to the blog Comment if you wish and enjoy!
  3. L

    Being Alkaline - Is that the Cancer Cure? After cleansing, if you get yourself alkaline, is that how you cure cancer?
  4. L

    Can You Really Change the Acidity of Your Body?

    just playing the devil's advocate on an article i found.... "Dr. Gabe Mirkin, associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Georgetown University School of Medicine, goes further, stating that anyone who claims...