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    Severe Impacted Constipation.....Help!

    Hi, I have been taking Bentonite Clay for a few months now, but lately, due to a couple of health problems, have doubled my dose of one tsp a day, to over 2 tsp and stupidly have not been drinking much water. Over the last few days, I have really struggled to pass any stools and when I have...
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    At Wits End....Help!!

    Hi, This is a bit embarrassing for me :oops::oops:, but I need to try and find some answers, if at all possible, as my life is being ruined by this terrible condition I have developed. :( End of first week in Feb this year, I started getting an itchy rash on my bottom and like a cut in the...
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    Eye Pressure High - Natural Options??

    Hi, Due to an assault many years ago, my partner lost the sight in one eye and since then has, gained poor eyesight in the other. He has also had three retinal detachments in his 'seeing' eye, which was secured with a strap to keep the retina in place a few years ago. He has to have yearly...