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    Hormone balancer: DIM (Dindoldylmethane)

    I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and they were talking about a product (and I'm not sure but I think they said it was recently approved by the FDA) but it has been used for hundreds of years in (China)????? Anyway, since I've been poisoned by Splenda, not one of my 'systems' are working...
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    Need help for treating MRSA

    My niece is in the hospital after a severe car accident and had developed a pressure sore that is thought to be turning into MRSA. She has Multiple Sclerosis and a very low immune defense. What would the pro's suggest to help her with the MRSA in this condition with the doctor's approval...
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    Wanting feedback on Dr. Clark's Ultra Zapper

    My sister recently purchased an 'Ultra Zapper' and I would like for anyone's feedback on what they think of this product. As all the 'older' members know me, I am still desperately looking for answers! Please give me feedback. Thanks!
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    Brain/heart ischemia

    Hello everyone....just wanted to update all those who know my situation. For the last past 4 months my head started to hurt. Along with sucralose/heavy metal poisoning, I now have ischemic brain and heart. I wonder if this is caused by the heavy use of sucralose or the effects of the heavy...
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    July 17th, 2012 Laura Tormoelen, MD Methodist Hospital/Indiana Poison Control 1701 North Senate Boulevard, AG373 Indianapolis, Indiana 46206 RE: Connie Brazeau (MRN 72335908) CC: Administrator of Methodist Hospital/Indiana Poison Control CC: Richard C. Dart, MD, PHD, President of Poison...
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    2nd "Joke of the Day"!!!!!......

    What's the difference between a Doctor and God?:) ........God doesn't call himself a doctor!!!!!!!!!!:lol::lol::lol:
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    Joke of the Day!!!!!...

    Time to smile!: :) What did the hypochondriac have engraved on his tombstone?????????? .........."I TOLD YOU SO!"!:lol:
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    Eastern Ancient guide for men....(and women)/sex

    I'm not sure if I should have posted this on Men's or Alternative because this has to do with "Chi-Gung". This is a real medical concern. I have a male friend who was 'obsessive compulsive' when it came to masturbation. As a result, he became very ill/weak/all different symptoms. When you...
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    Question for the pro's.....too much Vit. K.

    Since my recent IV Chelations and UBI Therapies, the IV's kept clotting up and blocked and they had to keep doing 'flushes' so I had them give me a Vitamin K blood test. The range is 80 to 1160. Mine is at 2152. I have asked numerous doctors/people how to reduce a fat soluble vitamin K and no...
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    Why can't people sleep?

    I know there are many remedies for sleeplessness but has anyone found the real reason for sleeplessness? It seems more prominent now than ever before. When I was poisoned by Splenda, I literally could not sleep. I would sleep 15 minutes...awake 2 hours, ...sleep 10 minutes be awake for 3 hours...
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    Buffered oxygenated aloe-vera--finally..healing possible.

    I think this is an answer to many who are suffering with any ailment. I don't want to advertise for any company but I think this program works because buffered oxygenated aloe vera is only made by this company. I have a friend who had fought with candida for years with all the classic...
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    Genetically modified reminder

    THE RISKS OF GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOODS by: Wolfson, Richard, Ph.D. Richard Wolfson, is the national director of the Consumer Right to Know Campaign, Canada, whose mandate is to demand mandatory labeling and long-term testing of all genetically engineered foods. He is the biotech...
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    Brain Washing

    I think 'Saved1986' will appreciate this one! Has anyone seen the recent commercial of a antacid product. It states: "Your doctor doesn't come to you and try to do 'your' job....." (more or less)...You shouldn't be trying to do THEIRS!" Very Good Marketing Technique! First, it is...
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    Contact Natural Doctors

    According to YOUR area:
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    Qi light/Low level laser therapy vs. UBI therapy

    Does anyone know the benefits of doing intranasal Low level laser therapy vs. UBI therapy? Can you share your knowledge on intranasal light therapy???? Thanks!
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    Please help/daughter with herpes simplex

    My daughter just found out she has herpes from sexually transmitted disease. I have scanned the web and too much info out there. One site I came across: My question, is this a cure?...can herpes...
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    UBI Photoluminescence Therapy

    I just found out about this UBI Photoluminescence Therapy (Arrowwind will like this!) Takes out fungus, candida, fatty liver, etc. In my area (Goshen, IN) they cost $125.00 a treatment and need usually only 4 treatments. I get mine...
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    Quantum Neuro-PG

    Can anyone explain the benefits of this product to me in plain English????
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    Need help building my dog's immune system/kennel cough

    My dog started coughing yesterday and by night he had many coughing spasms. I took him to the emergency Vet and was told he had kennel cough due to taking him to the dog park. He prescribed antibiotics and cough prescriptions. I didn't want to put him on anti-biotics and called my Vet and...
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    Heavy metal poisoning

    I just found out I have Heavy Metal Poisoning....not from my doctor but from a natural-alternative doctor which I had to pay out of pocket for ($200.00). Why can't doctor's give a Heavy Metal Poisoning Urine Test?????? This would have helped me for years and years of being deathly sick and not...