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    Home remedy for Dandruff?

    I think I have got a remedy for your problem
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    treatment for dandruff

    if your are suffering from dandruff i think this might help you
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    What is your favorite fruit? Why do you like it?

    i love watermelon i just love watermelon i just love it
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    Making a Good Lifestyle Change

    you are welcome
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    Making a Good Lifestyle Change

    This is really interesting and i know what you about to start is not easy but as long as you are in this community ,you definitely get help. Anyways why don't you check out this video i made about healthy eating by clicking the link below to get some tips
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    Natural Ways to Fight Your Depression

    With depression i think you need to find the source first before you think of other solution. The above ways can work for someone and might not work for another.
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    chest pains

    i am someone who really like workout but due to work i have not engage myself in exercise for sometime now. i tried yesterday morning and i have been feeling this pain in triceps and biceps up to now .i do not really know why, is it because i have a longtime for me doing that?