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    Can this kid get in trouble for sexual abuse?

    So for my College Writing course, we were given a situation and have to write about it. I hate mine, it is disturbing. A 10 year old touches his 3 year old sister innapropriately. When he is 12, he forces his sister to touch him twice. He is caught by the parents. What happens? He never...
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    Numbness in left hand?

    I woke up this morning, and as I am taking a shower I notice my left hand was a little numb. It feels like pins and needles poking it. It isn't anything big, but I was just wondering what this was a sign of. It has been a little numb for the past 30-45 minutes now. Could it be a sign of...
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    Why do I get dizzy almost every time I get up?

    Almost every time I get up from sitting down, I get light-headed. The feeling lasts for a few seconds and I need to take the time to close my eyes and stand still to ensure I don't fall. I am 19 years old so I feel this is unusual. I checked in CVS and my blood pressure was 120/44 (approximate...
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    My girlfriend's mom has cancer :(

    My girlfriend's mom just told me she had cancer. She used to be very energetic, and always healthy but got cancer two years ago. Ever since then, she lost a ton of weight (and continues to lose weight), always in a bad mood, and is very weak and tired (bed ridden almost each day). She says...
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    Why do people hate agnostics so much?

    People in my family (who are both Catholics and Jewish) dislike me being agnostic. My friends at school laugh at me or give me dirty looks after asking me what religion I am. I simply believe that it is impossible to prove that god either exists or does not exist, and feel that religions are...
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    My mom... "numb"?

    I mentioned a few times that my mom has a mental illness, she thinks everyone is after her and trying to attack her. For example, she thought the people at her job were giving her cancer treatments through the vents. My mom was recently put into a hospital (psych ward unfortunately). After...
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    Trouble Walking Straight

    Lately I have been having trouble walking straight. Its hard to tell if it is because of my right or left leg, or even both of them. Could it have something to do with the little sleep I'm getting? (4-5 hours a day) I notice it gets worse when I am really really tired and am still up at a...
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    My Generation Sucks

    I was just sitting back and thinking how I really dislike my generation. First of all, the music is absolutely horrible. I can't want down the street without hearing rap or hip-hop blasting, and then the way it makes my peers speak. The only modern music I like is maybe some alternative rock...
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    Will it be hard to have sex?

    I know the topic sounds strange, but I was just wondering. My height is 5'7" and my weight is about 163, so that is a little pounds over, not so bad. Though I am not very athletic and not very strong either. Will that cause trouble for me? Also, I measured my penis without pressing all the...
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    Poor Sleep

    I have a lot of trouble sleeping, in fact I get maybe 4-5 1/2 hours of sleep per day but I can't help it. I try to sleep but I can't. Anyone know the consequences of poor sleep? How can I get myself to sleep without taking NyQuil or anything?
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    Olivio Margarine

    I was thinking about the fake butter Olivio. So many claim how healthy it is because it has olive oil. What about the fact that it still is artificial butter? I'm sure it can't be that good for you. Maybe its better than other spreads but I don't know. Do you trust it?
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    Can someone help me with my project?

    I needed to find five different types of products, and three brands of each. I needed to do this over a period of 4 weeks. For each week I listed the price of each product. The next instructions I did not understand. Can someone help me with it? Thank you so much! 1. Give one week, your base "...
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    Is this a cyst?

    A while back, maybe a year or so ago, I felt this little hard ball on the top of my butt crack. Just recently when I started working out, it felt like I was laying on a pebble or something when doing crunches or bench press. I felt it and it got a bit bigger and there is another hard ball next...
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    USPS (Postal Service)

    I had to mail documents to a college to verify my financial aid information. However, the weight limit is 13 ounces. I put maybe 15 or 20 sheets of paper at most inside a manila (yellow) envelope. I imagine that would be only 5 ounces at most right?
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    Can't stop cutting myself

    How can I stop cutting myself? I am addicted to it and I think it feels wonderful. What should I do in order to make myself not like it?
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    What kind of pill has "God" written on it?

    My dad moved a while back, and while cleaning out the closet, he found a pill. The word "God" engraved on it. The pill had a bluish/grayish color. What could this be?
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    Is it bad to crack my back?

    My back usually hurts, or feels achy. I usually bend backwards and crack my back (like when someone cracks their knuckles). Is this a bad thing to do where I can injure myself badly?
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    Green Poop

    my little brother (6 years old) went to the bathroom, but his poop was green. Now, this was a very light green, like St. Patrick's Day green. Is there an explanation for this? Is he sick? Or something he ate?
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    What is a good way of making facial hair grow faster, and be thicker?

    I'm 17, but I just started shaving two months ago. I only have to shave once every two or three weeks, and when I do my hair is still very light. I want to grow a beard, or goatee, and I was wondering how can I make my hair grow faster, yet thicker, and darker? I heard that if I shave very...
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    How to strengthen teeth?

    I was wondering if you guys knew how to gain more strength or perhaps calcium in your teeth.