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    Lung Cancer destruction video

    Here is an interesting video of the destruction of lung cancer cells using pulsed electric magnetic fields. All being done with very little research dollars. http://novobiotronics.com/LungCancerResearch2Videos.html Dan
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    Real Cancer Research

    There is some pretty important Cancer research being done today that we should be aware of. If you have ever wanted to support real Cancer research, using a method that has already been largely proven a long time ago, this would be it. I have not seen much useful come from the American...
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    First FDA MMS warning

    Do you think they could cast it in a more negative light than they have here? ISSUE: FDA warned consumers not to consume or use Miracle Mineral Solution, an oral liquid solution also known as "Miracle Mineral Supplement" or "MMS." The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial...
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    Vitamin D supplements lack D

    I think the supplement industry is its own worst enemy. How hard is it to test your products on occasion, to make sure they contain what is advertised? This is what gives credence to the lack of regulation in this industry. SAN ANTONIO -- Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients taking...
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    New Osteoporosis drug, same old side effects

    The FDA has approved a new injectable drug for Osteoporosis called Prolia. I see it has many of the same side effects as the existing drugs available for this condition. I am not sure why another drug that is essentially the same as existing drugs for this condition is needed, but it has been...
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    New Rife frequency device

    There is a new Rife frequency device available that is actually based on the original Rife device built by Royal Rife in the 1930's. Since I am involved in this type of treatment using it mostly for treating Lyme Disease, I thought I would explain why I think this could be important. Until...
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    Vitamin D & possible antibiotic effects

    I found a discussion on Lymenet that I thought was interesting. The article talks about the effects of high dose vitamin D and UV blood irradiation. It would seem the effect that comes from UV blood irradiation is a big increase in Vitamin D in the blood, and it may have an antibiotic effect...
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    Vitamin D lower in spite of supplementing

    I had a blood test for various things Crohn's related and it was good news for the most part. The one test that was low was my vitamin D level. It has dropped from 40 to 20 from Summer to Winter, in spite of supplementing with 1000 iu of D-3 daily. That is the information I was looking for, as...
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    MMS clears long term sinus infection

    I do not have permission to copy this story, but here is a link to it. http://www.altmedangel.com/MMS.htm Dan
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    MMS lowered platelet count

    I have read one adverse reaction to MMS involving lowered blood platelet counts directly tied to its use. This person had Lyme and was using it as a treatment for the disease. The platelets were lowered to the point of putting the person at a real risk of bleeding out if situation would have...
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    Possible Negative results of D supplementation

    Here it is. The other side of the coin. Apparently the jury is still out on this. Increased asthma linked to D supplementation. Marshall Protocol comes to mind here. http://www.aacijournal.com/content/pdf/1710-1492-5-8.pdf http://www.aacijournal.com/content/5/1/8/comments#384657
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    Study: Tanning beds and UV radiation as deadly as arsenic, mustard gas, experts say

    LONDON - International cancer experts have moved tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer risk category, deeming them as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas. For years, scientists have described tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation as "probable carcinogens."...
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    Drug industry holds undue influence over US medical education

    Duh, WASHINGTON - A government watchdog will tell Congress Wednesday that the pharmaceutical and medical device industries' billion-dollar spending spree for medical education is threatening the judgment of physicians across the country. http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/health/51991847.html
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    Milk, Monsanto, FDA & FOX News

    Here is the process that Monsanto uses to get its Milk Producing Hormone approved, and what happens if you try to report on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axU9ngbTxKw&feature=related Dan
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    I have just discovered this branch of Homeopathy and have some interest in the usefulness of this treatment. I have a suspicion that my Crohn's Disease, and my Daughters Celiac Disease were possibly triggered by fluoroquinolone antibiotics. My daughter problem did not occur immediately after...
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    Homeopathy questions.

    I have used homeopathic remedies one a couple of occasions, but I really cannot tell if the treatment had any effect. Mostly because of the lack of symptoms to follow, but I will have a chance to test a hay fever remedy this fall. My first question is have any fair studies been done that...
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    Fabricated Drug Studies

    I wonder if this is the tip of an iceberg or an isolated incident. A New Low in Drug Research: 21 Fabricated Studies Involving Drugs Such As Vioxx, Celebrex - Health Blog - WSJ Dan
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    xperimental Cancer Treatment on 60 Minutes Sunday

    For those who are interested in novel, alternative or experimental treatments, 60 minutes is going to have a segment on John Kansius who is developing a way to treat cancer using Radio frequencies and Iron nanoparticles. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/1998/07/08/60minutes/main13502.shtml...
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    MS, Sarcoidosis & MMS

    I have been asked by a few people with MS, if it is possible that MMS could help their condition. My answer has been: "If it has a bacteria or virus as the root cause then it is possible." There are three people trying it that I know of, and hopefully they will get back to me on their results...
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    Smoking Cessation Drug Problem

    Just a warning to anyone who may considering using this drug. D Bergy Preventive Psychiatry E-Newsletter # 314 FDA Releases Over 5,000 Chantix Complaints Psych Problems Include Depression, Aggression, Hallucinations, Suicidality By Janet St. James / WFAA-TV - November 28, 2007 Complaints...