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  1. jfh

    COVID Vaccine or not?

    I'm so glad you are fully vaccinated. Me too at end of March. Beware that you both can still get Covid19. But so far, reports still say you would not be sick enough to go to the hospital or die. It's so unbelievable that there is so much disinformation spreading. I don't understand the purpose...
  2. jfh

    I believe I can cure my Schizophrenia by eating only fruits and vegetables

    I'm not familiar with Schizophrenia. When changing to such a diet, beware of not getting enough vitamin B12. I would think that B12 would be important to many functions including those of the mind. Maybe include superfoods such as beans, eggs, chlorella?
  3. jfh

    Velvet Bean (mucuna pruriens) powder

    I have never taken it by itself. I've taken it in a supplement (can't remember which) that included Mucuna and Bacopa and some amino acid. I think L-theanine. I remember that I did not feel the supplement was worth it. Those were experimental days and I was taking too much stuff. Do you think...
  4. jfh

    Buski - both intestinal and liver

    Sounds like you need a parasite cleanse. I've never had that problem, but I do use an herbal cleanse that's been around for many years. Even if you don't want to go through a cleanse, check out the herbs they use for the various worms. Personally, I use garlic the most. But...
  5. jfh

    oxygenated water supplements

    I usually check with Amazon, even if I may buy locally or elsewhere. I check to see what's popular or bestseller. I like NOW brand.
  6. jfh

    oxygenated water supplements

    I'm so sorry to hear of your family member battling cancer. It's not easy on the mind or body. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth, silica, has many health benefits, but should not be used in excess. And try hard not to breathe it in. It's fine dust and when you deal with it much can get into the...
  7. jfh

    Help with skin condition

    Thank goodness, I've never had to deal with hives. I don't even know the origin of such. But my choices for other skin ailments would be both apple cider vinegar and unrefined coconut oil. Apple cider vinegar has the properties of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It should help with the...
  8. jfh

    A Total COVID program

    It's so good to see you here again, Arrow. Thanks for the post. We have been discussing this recently. I had no idea that iodine could help with this virus.
  9. jfh

    Best Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes?

    "only a 20-30 minute walk every evening" --- I'm impressed. I wish I had that motivation. My area would be great for walking. Many hills. And I would not be alone. I have so many neighbors who walk every day. I just can't push myself to spend that much time exercising. What a wimp! I do...
  10. jfh

    COVID Vaccine or not?

    Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require two shots. Moderna's two doses are administered a month apart, while Pfizer's are given three weeks apart. Some other vaccines similarly require 2 doses. Since I don't take vaccines, I'm not really aware of the protocols. I think the measles vaccine...
  11. jfh

    COVID Vaccine or not?

    Unfortunately, Moderna requires 2 vaccines too. The number of days apart is different from Pfizer though. Just a few days different. Inconvenient. I will take the Moderna, unless something else is approved, because of the allergy cautions with Pfizer. It's sad that we have to talk about drug...
  12. jfh

    COVID Natural Remedies?

    Gosh! I'm so sorry to hear this about you. Thanks for sharing. I've had family members go through this. One of them does have lingering effects of breathing problems and fatigue after 3 or 4 months. I don't know of any natural cure. I've been using colloidal silver 10 PPM. One dropper...
  13. jfh

    COVID Vaccine or not?

    I don't trust those stats at all. I have a sister-in-law that survived this virus, but she still has difficulty breathing and doing her normal activities after 4 months. The virus can affect every organ in the body and leave long-lasting effects. I'm 72 and want to squeeze out a few more...
  14. jfh

    COVID Vaccine or not?

    Vaccines are developed to build antibodies to fight against a specific virus. So, it would not help with overall cures. That would be great. A universal vaccine would be a giant leap for science, but I understand there are studies. Yes, I believe that naturally developing antibodies would be...
  15. jfh

    Why does this book cost so much?

    I found several things like that on Amazon. One item is a very reasonable price, but the same one in the list with another vendor is extraordinary. It's hard to tell why. My guess is that the account has been hacked.
  16. jfh

    This is So Frustrating

    You don't like dandelion root. I'm the same way with cilantro. Not gag, but highly distasteful. Cilantro is a great herb and one of a few capable of passing the blood brain barrier. My grief is that I live in the Austin Texas area. Cilantro is in most Texmex dishes. I'm trying to get over it...
  17. jfh

    This is So Frustrating

    I've used holistic doctors for a few decades, but I had a nice job that let me not worry about the price. Yes, expensive. And yet, there was not one of them that diagnosed the cause of my conditions. I was always left disappointed. It's hard to tell too much with just symptoms. I hope you...
  18. jfh

    Is so difficult to sleep

    Thanks, y'all. I think I will try valerian root next. I've been trying a mixture of herbs from different brands. Passionflower seems to be popular now. Nothing seems to work very well anymore. I forgot that the drug, valium, is sourced from valerian root.
  19. jfh

    Liver/Gallbladder Issues?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your incredible challenges. They seem insurmountable. I don't go to doctors very much until I can't diagnose a problem, or have one that I can't manage on my own. I use herbs and alt meds for preventive measures rather than curing. I think the best help for the liver...
  20. jfh

    Reducing fibroids without surgery

    Search online for Serrapeptase and fibroids. You can find it where most stores that sell health supplements or online. Meanwhile, check this out.