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Default Shingles vaccine

My doctor is recommending that I get the shingles vaccine. Is there any reason not to do so?
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Originally Posted by Mari View Post
My doctor is recommending that I get the shingles vaccine. Is there any reason not to do so?
Don't know much about it, but I like to avoid any vaccinations when possible. Here's some info I found:

The Downside to the Zoster Vaccine
  • People who have had a life-threatening allergic reaction to gelatin or neomycin should avoid getting the zoster vaccine with those ingredients.
  • Those who have active tuberculosis that is not treated should discuss TB treatment first.
  • People who have an altered immune system due to infection or treatments should discuss risks and timing of the vaccine.
  • Those who have a moderate to severe illness should wait to take the zoster vaccine, particularly if they have a high fever.
  • The zoster vaccine is not recommended for people who are pregnant.
  • If you are going to be around a newborn baby, anyone who has a weakened immune system, someone who is pregnant, or other people who might be affected by a live (but weakened) vaccine, you should discuss this with your healthcare provider before getting the vaccine.
  • The vaccine is expensive and may cost hundreds of dollars. Many insurance companies do not cover this vaccine.
  • Some people fear getting a shingles outbreak from the vaccine. Data regarding this is difficult to interpret because someone who develops shingles after vaccination may have been exposed to the virus in another way.
  • The vaccine has been shown to be approximately 50% effective in preventing a shingles infection and approximately 66% effective in preventing PHN.
  • Reported common side effects of the vaccine are usually mild and include a red, tender injection site (one in three) or headache (one in seventy). If you have any negative effects to this vaccine, you should report them to your healthcare provider. You may also report negative effects to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) online.
Is the Shingles Vaccine Right for You?

Hindsight is often very telling but not very helpful to the person who experiences a case of the shingles or complications due to a shingles infection. Vaccines are a bit like insurance. People often purchase it with the hopes that their outcome will be one of the positive ones. There are no guarantees that people who have received the zoster vaccine will never develop a shingles infection. Evidence suggests that the likelihood of developing shingles and resulting complications is lessened with the vaccine, but the cost of the vaccine is substantial.

Read more: https://seniors-health-medicare.suite101.com/article.cfm/pros_and_cons_of_the_shingles_vaccine#ixzz0Mz8p0nQ W
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