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Default MSM May Protect Liver Health

SAN DIEGO, CA. April 16, 2008. A new study presented last week at Experimental Biology 2008 Annual Meeting indicates that supplementing the diet with MSM can increase the amount of glutathione in the liver. Researchers from the Ohio State University, led by Professor Robert DiSilvestro, PhD., found that mice given OptiMSM�, an ultra pure form of MSM, showed higher concentrations of liver glutathione compared to animals given the unsupplemented diet.

�Glutathione is a peptide or �mini-protein� that cells make as a major part of their antioxidant defense,� stated Dr. DiSilvestro. �We found that adding MSM to the drinking water of mice resulted in a greater than doubling of the amount of total glutathione in the liver. We also found that animals administered carbon tetrachloride, a potent liver toxin, and also given MSM showed a significant reduction of markers of liver damage compared to non-MSM animals.�

This appears to be the first study showing a potential liver-protecting effect of MSM. �These results suggest that MSM may enhance antioxidant function and assist in detoxification, for �insulting� agents like acetaminophen or alcohol,� added Professor DiSilvestro.

�It is worthy of exploration in conditions where the liver accumulates an excess of fat, like metabolic syndrome or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis,� he concluded.

Several published clinical trials, with MSM alone or in combination with other natural dietary ingredients, have shown a positive effect upon supporting joint function among persons living with osteoarthritis.

�While prior research suggested MSM has antioxidant qualities, we didn�t know what to expect. This finding affirms that MSM is not just for people with �achy joints,� and opens a whole new market for us to explore,� offered Tony Keller, President of Bergstrom Nutrition, the manufacturers and marketers of OptiMSM and a sponsor of the study.

Full abstract available at:
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