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Default CoQ-10 & Modified Citrus Pectin for Prostate Cancer.

I swiped these posts from Liverock & Don.
Originally Posted by Liverock
Heres an article from Townsend Letters on the subject.


Dr. William Judy of Bradenton, Fl. received funding from Dr. Folkers to treat prostate cancer with CoQ10. Cancer of the prostate is typically hormone dependent at it's onset and is effectively treated then by hormone inhibition. However, after two to five years it often becomes independent of hormone therapy and no amount of hormone inhibition at that stage is beneficial.

Dr. Judy found 30 patients with hormone independent prostate cancer and treated them with 500 mg. of Coenzyme Q10 daily. Fourteen of the 15 who had no metastases to bone or lung proceeded to have their PSA values return to normal. Of the 15 patients who did have metastases to bone and lung when they started CoQ10 8 saw their PSA results return to normal suggesting improvement.. Dr. Judy then treated 6 patients with prostate cancer and elevated PSA values with CoQ10 and all 6 had their elevated PSA values return to normal after 120 days of CoQ10 therapy (500 mg.) daily. Political problems prevented him from publishing these results and Dr. Folkers death in 1998 has terminated all interest in CoQ10 as a therapy for cancer which is unfortunate.

Dr. Judy suggests a way to improve the absorption of CoQ10 capsules into the blood stream. Put the capsules of CoQ10 in hot tea which melts them. CoQ10 needs fat to get improved absorption. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil preferably but butter will also work. Drink the tea warm or hot.

The lack of interest in CoQ10 by the pharmaceutical companies as a cancer therapy is caused by their inability to patent it. This should have no effect on patients looking for a safe cancer therapy that seems to work quite well. CoQ10 can be found in health food stores.
Originally Posted by Don E. Hildreth
You may also find the following info interesting.

Good source for CoQ10.
50 grams CoQ10........Beyond-a-Century......$95.00

50 grams CoQ10........SHF..............................$95.00

This looked like a good source for the MCP [modified citrus pectin].
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Default posts


Thanks for bringing these posts here. There is so much information about how to deal with cancer, that it gets almost overwhelming--particularly in view of the fact that some treatments may interfere with other good ones.

I started with modified citrus pectin right off the bat. I thought that I would start, based on other things I have read, with lots of CoQ10 but had second thoughts when I read that another supplement I was taking (Paw Paw) works by decreasing ATP production while CoQ10 increases ATP production.

The manufacturers of Paw Paw extract also advise not to use vitamin C, vitamin E, and flax oil for apparently the same reason. What to do? Though I stopped the CoQ10 and (carnitine), I have kept the vitamins and the flax oil, not sure if I was countering the paw paw.

And then there is the research which shows that flax (ALA) may actually promote aggressive prostate cancer. I think this is probably bogus info, but who knows? Maybe flax seed (not Budwig's oil) would be a better option, but would that interfere with the paw paw??? Most puzzling. Gerry suggests taking different things different times of the day.

My list of supplements is growing too fast. And I am growing too fat from all the extra calories. Need to pare down the list. Now just realized that melatonin would be very valuable. I will save progesterone and vitamin C IV drip for my aces in the hole.

Incidentally, I have taken your advice and will do the radio interview--and I actually got a call to do another for this Monday. Gotta review my notes. I will give statins, unfermented soy, and fluoridated water hell. My best guess about my prostate cancer is that it was due to the calcification of my pineal gland (melatonin) from all the fluoride-based pesticides in the copious amounts of jug wine I have consumed over the years. Should have drunk the high-end stuff.

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Mike, here's info on compatibility of different cancer supplements.
Also check out the entire site. Don't know about the credibility here.

HMRlignans is claimed to be
considerably more potent that flax lignans.

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