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    Not Feeling the Whole Parenting Thing:

    Hey all, So, my baby was born almost a month ago, and I am not feeling the excitement or happiness or anything like that. My wife and baby are fine (despite some scary moments during the birthing process as she needed to have an emergency C-Section) and both are healthy. I guess my problem...
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    Bean Soup:

    Right, so simple yet tasty: Get a pound of red beans and cook them up chopping in onions, peppers, and salt. When the beans are done cooking don't throw away the water. Pour yourself a bowl of the water, add a couple of beans, toss in some cream grab a tortilla and enjoy! (Add chicken or...
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    Acid Reflux in Babies:

    Hey guys, So baby has been having a bit of acid reflux, and I guess that's normal.. However, she also had some yellow mucus come out her nose and she seemed to be congested, went to the doctor and the doctor said it was part of the acid reflux... Am I being sold a bill of goods? I couldn't...
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    Red Blotches on Newborn baby face?

    Hey all, I'm a new father and the baby is 9 days old.. I have noticed that she gets red blotches on her face... Now, I was thinking, since she is only 9 days old, her skin is sensitive, so could it be allergies, or do you think maybe just the heat?
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    Birth Control Methods that aren't the Condom or Pill?

    Alright, so wife is now asking me (after birth of our baby girl), to come up with some form of birth control... So.. Aside from condoms (she's sensitive to latex and really who likes them?) and the pill (which wasn't good for her either) what other forms have we got? I know there's a...
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    Diet Coke Versus Coke Zero:

    OK... So.. Has anyone else noticed that Coke ZERO, tastes like ZERO? Is it me or does it have a crapload more "air" to it? To me it foams up waaay too much, and by the time you are done drinking it, it feels like you have maybe had three mouthfuls out of a can! :roll:
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    Vasectomy Info Please:

    Hey... So, time has come... Wife had a c-section and baby was born.. Now we're already trying to think of other forms of birth control... I'm sorry... Call me a coward, or whatever.. But... I can't stand the idea of a stranger with a sharp object doing something to my nuts.. Any experience...
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    Halloween and Mental Health

    OK, so Halloween is just around the corner and I personally love Halloween. So, I was doing some deep thinking, and trying to figure out just what it was exactly that I liked about Halloween... And you know, it really wasn't about the candy, although that's a nice bonus lol. I like the idea...
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    Dogs and Scorpions?

    Hey, My parents live at the beach, and they have lost quite a few dogs now to Scorpion bites I guess... Do you guys have any way to keep scorpions away, or know what to give the poor dogs when they get stung by scorpions? Something to act as an anti-venom or at the very least anti-inflammatory...
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    Cheaper ToothPaste: Easy as it Sounds:

    OK... So we all try and save money right.. Well, I was looking around at what works as a good (not harmful) toothpaste and I came across a place that was simply mixing together baking soda, mint and water... Apparently it is almost as good for you as if you use normal toothpaste and in fact even...
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    Subsisting Solely on Vitamins and Ensure?

    Hey Guys, I had an interesting thought, and I don't know if anyone here has any experience with it, or knows a reason not to. I had a brain fart this morning lol You know with the holidays coming up we all need ways to shed those extra treats after, so I was thinking, what if someone...
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    Does Fasting ACTUALLY Work?

    You know, lots of people go on these "crash diets" and say they work really well... However, do they really? I have seen lots of articles saying that crash diets don't work, and also other articles that say that crash dieting is the way to go. So, my question is, any personal experience with...
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    Low cost Foods which Are full of Energy:

    One thing that is on everyone's mind is of course money, and well, ya gotta eat right? Well, what food do you buy to stretch out the budget? Well, let's see... Some inexpensive foods, which are healthy and won't drain the bank. 1. Chocolate Milk - You can actually drink a full glass of...
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    Video Games Change Your Mental State?

    For years now there have been papers, reports, accusations, and even court cases claiming that video games can severely impact your mental health. I beg to differ. I mean, they are blaming video games for the increase in violence, and desensitization in the world. I'm sorry, I have played...
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    Feeling Trapped....

    Have you ever thought that time is passing by really quickly, and you feel sort of trapped doing what you are doing? Have you ever felt like just I don't know, going somewhere, anywhere, but back to the daily grind? Does your weekend blow by and you wake up saying "WTF"..... If so, how do...