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    A timely tune

    We need to get Bobby Darin back to get people to be patriotic again. He passed away at 37 years old with a heart condition. You'd think he wrote this song for today.
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    Another violation of our rights?!!

    Part of a letter I received from Life Extension tonight! Haven't had time to go there yet but looks like they either got the date wrong, or it's already too late to send their form letter to our senators! I think something needs to be done about these sneaky tactics! ******************...
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    A past employee of Big Pharma speaks up

    I thought this was new news, but I see this lady, a former employee of Big Pharma, wrote a book and blew the whistle on Big Pharma about three years ago. It was music to my ears to hear someone speak the truth, but it's scarey when you think that many doctors are in the dark and brain-washed!
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    Another good soul tellin' it like it is

    I love an honest doctor that cares about his patients and humanity in general!
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    Congress is after supplement makers again!

    Congress seeks to put dietary supplement makers in jail for ten years! Here is a link to an article just released tonight from Life Extension where you can send a pre-written letter to your congressman, or edit it to suit yourself. Mine is already sent and it's important that you take the time...
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    D-Ribose for energy

    Has anyone tried D-Ribose? I'm about to, for the same reasons mentioned in this video, along with propionyl L-carnitine and a few other things. The only thing that concerns me is that D-Ribose is a simple sugar taken by the spoonful if in powder form and might not agree with my being...
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    Lack of zinc linked to diabetes

    Lack of zinc linked to diabetes 07-26-10 A U.S. researcher says zinc may play a role in blood sugar regulation and in avoiding type 2 diabetes. Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy of the University of Michigan suggests in type 2 diabetes -- a protein called amylin forms dense clumps that shut down...
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    About magnesium

    This video is Italian, I believe, and dubbed in English but I found it very interesting with new facts about magnesium. It is posted on Mark Sircus's You Tube channel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaIaVroZJEk
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    Research for COPD

    This research report is very interesting and it's nice to see someone taking interest in treatment for COPD for a change. It involves stem cells, and I don't understand that very well, but I don't think it requires unborn babies stem cells now. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sleepy so read the...
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    Times Square cam

    They found a truck with explosives in Times Square tonight. I heard it on the news so I rushed to this site that I visit just for fun often. Thought you might want to to check it out. Hope it works for you. http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/?cam=lennon_hd
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    Alcohol linked to aging and cancer

    This is from Dr. Cinque's newsletter this morning. Alcohol linked to aging and cancer Researchers in Italy say alcohol has been linked at the cellular level to aging and cancer. Lead author Dr. Andrea Baccarelli of the University of Milan in Italy and colleagues suggest alcohol may...
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    A friend sent me this link to a You Tube video about Oregon. Be sure to have your sound on. The Columbia River runs between OR and WA and I've crossed the bridges into Astoria and Portland many times. I've lived in both states and seen most of the sites shown here, but somehow we forget to...
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    Great volcano photos

    I haven't payed a lot of attention to the volcano in Iceland, but these are large pictures from The Boston Globe and show a lot of what the farmers and their animals have gone through. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/04/more_from_eyjafjallajokull.html
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    Drunvalo-Another presentation

    This describes Drunvalo's next live broadcast in May. I've been waiting a long time for this. I'm not sure what it costs, but I will definately want to see it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuUuPJSyMms His website: http://www.drunvalo.net/live.html I tried many times and couldn't get the...
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    New hope for hepatitis C cure

    Trial drug vastly boosts hepatitis C cure United Press International 04-16-10 Hepatitis C patients can be cured in 24 weeks when an experimental treatment is added to two established anti-viral drugs, researchers in Vienna said Friday. Adding experimental telaprevir, an infection-treating...