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    Reptile lights & Vitamin D3 for humans?

    Hello all, I've returned from the tropics to to home in the UK of GB only to find spring missing. I'm therefore looking to invest in some kind of D3 lights for myself. Are reptile 10% UVB adequate? What recommendations do you guys have? Kind regards.:wave:
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    Source for E3 Blue Majik & BrainOn?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a source for E3 Blue Majik powder and BrainOn powder that ships outside of USA, can any kind soul help me out? I'm itching to try this stuff. Thanks:wave:
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    Aluminium free baking soda - bob's Red Mill

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone would help clarify something. Bob's Red Mill baking powder says Aluminium Free but the baking soda does not. I've emailed them with no reply. I've checked the ingredients and it says Biocarbonate of Soda. No mention of Aluminium, though it may have been...
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    Human parasites and all things that wiggle inside of you and lay eggs

    Hi all so I've been thinking for an age now about doing some kind of a parasitic cleanse. I've been reading up about worms in the intestines and even liver flukes raping your liver and bile ducts. So I'm thinking about doing a major parasitic cleanse. Have you tried such a feat? If so what did...
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    Ozone generators?

    Hi all, There be a plethora of ozone generating gizmos on ebay and the rest of the net. I was looking for some recommendations? Does any one have any experiences? Kind regards:wave:
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    what adaptogens do you take and why?

    Hi all, As per title, what adaptogens/tonics do you take and why? Do you mix any? just wondering :wave:
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    How to restructure water?

    Hi all, I'm living in a place where the water beggars belief! Only last week I installed a see thru basic filter on my kitchen tap. The insides of the filter have collected brown gunk which appears to be some kind of a rust from the pipes I would imagine? I've just installed a 1 micron filter...
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    fresh raw food vs Cultured?

    Hi all would like some insight if I may? I'm currently eating a 100% raw food diet. I have up until now been juicing, slicing, squeezing and masticating fruit and vegetables and drinking them right away within seconds/minutes. Recently I decided to blend everything up into a large soup and...
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    Supplements for Cirrhosis?

    Hi I have a family member who has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver. Please can some kind soul recommend me some supplements to order from iHerb? So far I've got: Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate) & Zinc Picolinate. Thanks all :D
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    Iodine & Apple cider Vinegar combo in water?

    Hi all, I keep finding conflicting articles on the net regarding the mixing of Apple Cider Vinegar and Iodine in water and gulping together? What is the skinny on it? Is it a yes or a no no? Kind regards :p
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    online supplement heads up thread (iHerb...etc)

    Hi all, was hoping to start an on-line supplement heads up thread where all and sundry could recommend to the lay person a particular supplement that they use and a nice price to correspond with that. I used to buy supplements from a regular bricks and mortar shop in England but I've come to...
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    best type of filling to have?

    I'm having an amalgam removed next week. I may decide to rid myself of all this mercury once and for all. What are my options? Kind regards :)
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    What supplements for AM and what for PM?

    Hi all, I'm restructuring my supplements. Would like house recommendations on what to take AM or during the day and what to take late PM or before sleep. I have: Ubiquinol B12 B complex D3 Glucosamine MSM Iodine solution Multi Vitamin Alpha Lipoic Acid L Carnitine Magnesium Vit C Vit K2 Thanks.
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    Health benefits of coconut sprouts?

    Hi I've been eating coconut sprouts today and I cannot for the life in me find anything about the health benefits online, can some kind soul help? Here is a pic
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    What veg to juice? Mercola Juicer on the way

    Hello everyone, please can you give me some ideas on what veg to juice? Masticating juicer is on the way! Thanks