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    Familial Mediterranean Fever Treatment & Management

    Hey Guys and Girls.. I haven't been here in a very long while, but thats really a good thing because it means that I am still very healthy! :D I have a boss, however, that is from Egypt and he suffers from Familial Mediterranean Fever, I am hard pressed to find anything that could help his...
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    primary sclerosing cholangitis

    Hello, All.. I have a co-worker, a lady, who is dealing with primary sclerosing cholangitis. I haven't had this one to help with before and have not much to go on in the way of natural help. Any advice for her? She's having more tests done today so I'll have more info later, but she's been...
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    Hey, Everyone.. I am working with a new cancer patient, friend, who is now at home from hospital today. They said stage 4.. she had appendix cancer, said its microinvasive.. also breast cancer beginning.. I need advice, please. I got B17 from another friend, but I've never given it before...
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    Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

    My sons friend has this. Any natural supplements known to help? Thanks.. Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
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    Hey, everyone. I just haven't had time to be here and contribute! I do, however, have a good friend with full blown aids. He's been fighting it for 16 years naturally when he's able. At times he's caught pneumonia and has had to go n those horrible drugs that completely disrupt his life. I...
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    Need Documented proof..(cancer cured)

    Hi Everyone. I've not been here much as I've been working full time and I'm in school full time now, too. I have a need if someone here can help. I am writing an expository essay in my writing class and chose to write on alternative healing. There is much info out there but most are opinions and...
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    Hey there. Got an SOS.. Neighbor coming home tonight from Dallas Hospital. Supposedly full of cancer. Has had NO drugs or chemo treatments yet... WHAT is the FIRST thing we should do and get for her?? I know to cut out ALL foods that stand in the way of the supplements getting to her,, but...
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    Severe osteoarthritis bilaterally

    I have the opportunity to help this gentleman...see this site... The Tao of Long-Term Care I am thrilled! He does have the above condition and he's asked if I could help. I've been doing some research..... here is what I've found here: Curcumin -The Infection Fighter Horsetail for...
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    Sons Request..

    I'm not sure of protocol son asked me if I would ask some of you here who live overseas if you can purchase/recommend 2 things: testosterone enanthate and Dianagol (D-Gol) He doesn't want to get them here even if he can find them as he says they are probably not good quality...
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    A new friends mother has a severe dibilitating case of this in her feet....any advice? I have no idea where to go with this.. Thanks.
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    Mens Climax headaches..

    A gentlemen friend suffers from a severe headache right between his eyes for hours after he climaxes during sex. Any solutions? He is on a statin drug for high cholestrol.
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    Hubby breaks pelvic bone

    Dummy me. He did this 8 weeks ago and I never thought to come here and asl for advise! My husband is 70 yrs. old, fell off a 10 ft. extension ladder and broke his pelvis on 10/29. He's getting around now without the crutches, slowly, but still has alot of pains and sure doesn't move fast...
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    Stop complaining!

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    Ear infection

    Can someone recommend something natural to heal an ear infection. Its just draining. No pain. With all the stuff I take you'd think my body would heal it. I've had it for 2 mos. I's appreciate any input. Thanks! :p
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    Coconut oil benefits

    Not spam! ;)