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Well ya'll got me interested in this, so I did some searching on my own.. Found this great site... Tell me what ya'll think, is it a good place to start???

Here's the front page of the article:

Ayurveda, the science of life, (Ayu=Life and Vid=Science) is part of ageless Vedic heritage of India. Speculations about its origin go back thousands of years before Christ.
Extensive literature on this subject on this subject, dating back to the fourth century BC, has one thing in common that the essence of Ayurveda is to preserve good health, which is every human being’s birthright. Ayurveda prescribes life style changes with emphasis on tranquility of mind that is filled with universal compassion, as an insurance against an occasional illness. In this system disease is only an accident. Just as road accidents are rare if one follows traffic rules, disease would be an exception if one follows the life style prescribed in Ayurveda, which is not hard to comply with.
The human body has an inbuilt powerful immune system that could correct most, if not all, ills that man is heir to. In the unlikely event of this mechanism failing, and only then, should doctors interfere to help the system, when possible.
In fact, the concept of immune deficiency syndromes had been prevalent there. Immune boosting methods are the mainstay of Ayurvedic therapeutics, the panchakarmas, and the five modalities.
Swasthasya swastharakshitham (Keep the well healthy as long as possible is the motto). This motto would be great help to modern medicine where a stage has come, what, with an array of scopes and scanners, coupled with our inability to define normality precisely, we end up with having no normal healthy human being at all.
Among the many methods of preserving health in Ayurveda, the one that stands out is Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Shashtra, Unlikely what is sold by the new age gurus, original Yoga had eight wings: rules for day to day living including diet, the art and ethics of living, regular exercise menu, the all important breathing method pranayaama, detached outlook towards life, yogic postures for constant ease to enable one to practice the next steps of dhyaana - concentration, tranquility of mind, and the ultimate realization of the impermanence of life to make man fearless even in the face of death.
Thus defined, Yoga becomes a way of life and not just a few contortions of the body for and hour or so daily. Yoga, in its true form, is a way of life.
God is and all is well
~John Greenleaf Whittier~
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